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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lala Comments on Honey Nut Cheerio’s Rumor!


No need for General Mills to cut a check to Lala.
Knowing the relationship status of Carmelo and Lala Anthony has been top priority this week.  There were rumors that the two have been separated, talks of the two getting a divorce, and questions about Kevin Garnett’s taste buds.  We now no longer have to fathom up ideas of what is going on.  Lala set the record under 140 characters.
Here is Lala’s tweet on the whole “honey nut cheerios” sitch :
“Not for nothing, but we ALL deserve a check or some free cereal 4all the publicity we’ve given Honey Nut Cheerios! LOL #cantbelieveeverything”
So there it is.  Lala set the record straight, without going into full detail.  So the bee will keep his job, and Honey Nut Cheerios can now go back to being recognized for lowering cholesterol instead of Lala Anthony.

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