wendy nene
I am sooooo becoming a believer in the saying “mercury is in retrograde”, because over the past few weeks EVERYTHING that could possible pop off, has popped off. Case & Point: Kelly Pricebeing attacked on Twitter over an assumption and then Nene Leakes firing back at Wendy Williams (whom I thought liked each other).

First up, Wendy vs Nene. During Wendy’s “Hot Topics” segment, the talk show host had some “not so nice” things to say about Nene and her soon to be husband (for the second time), Gregg. From what I saw, Wendy hinted at the “lack of chemistry” between Nene & Gregg and how their relationship is very business-like. Well, Ms. Leakes caught wind off the shade, and sent a bb gun shot at Wendy.
nene on ww
*stares at the ceiling*……Folks have been clapping back at Wendy alot lately! Just the other day, Aunt Viv!