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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LIP TAR: A NEW INNOVATION (thanks to the glam gods)

They also have different colors, such as these:
Here are some pictures of the beautiful New Innovation by OCC MAKEUP for all the BARBIES and KENS out there, whom love to stay fly. Enjoy!
P.S. When I try Lip Tar myself I will definitely report back for anyone who wants to know how it works, if it's a Strut or a Nope! And if you were already up on this trendy new innovation then you can check out a demo on how to apply Lip Tar, or If you just want to check out different ways to apply it, then check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoM6H84Jrnk


I'm sorry (4 the ramdomness), but I jus saw the Chris Brown video with Cassie as the lead lady. Take a Look for yourself:

And I love this song (I know he's talking about RiRi), but anyways I was watching the video and I'm like OMG Cassie look so pretty on 1 side of her body, then she turned to the bald side, and it jus gave me a attitude, so I stop watching. That gurl reminds me so much of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde damn 1 side good & 1 side bad. Geesh!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


What's up everybody? The other night the R. Kelly concert was a blast at the Fox Theater in Detroit, MI after receiving a 2nd date added due to popular demand. I had such an amazing time at the concert, I mean from beginning to the end was great, and the energy in the Fox Theater was as if it were the Jay-Z & Alicia Keyes performance at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS (eventhough I wasn't there but whatever lol). The tour started off with PLEASURE P (whom I didn't get to see, but his voice was awesome), K MICHELLE (I was FAKING IT, FAKING IT cool song). And of course the man of the hour Mr. R. Kelly. The highlights of the show was definetly his ITTY BITTY BOOTIE SONG, which I was dancing faithfully too, and it seem like all eyes was on me, but I luv the attention, of course. And other highlights were his old school songs, eventhough I beleive my friend and I were the youngest in the crowd, and the MICHEAL JACKSON TRIBUTE was the greatest unseen footage of MJ that anyone has ever seen and it almost brought me to tears. Nevertheless, his hit song Number 1 ft Keri Hilson was great. And they had a stand in Keri Hilson dancer chick, I guess by putting a short hairstyle with blond streaks on her, probably fooled the older people but not me. But I still gave her her props for the great performance as we were asked twice to attend the V.I.P room where we were able to get free drinks and listen to R. Kelly's entire CD before it even hit stores. Which you guys need to go pick up on December. 1st it is a really good album I say his album is a 7/10. But anyways after the "listening party" we made our way to the after after party which was held at Arturro's in Southfield, MI where we partied the night away, and I can definetly say R. Kelly isn't the freaky boy he use to be, actually he just sits back smoking his Cigars and drinks his Rose and grey goose, and bobs his head at the the great sounds of his music. He's very nice and mature and I love that he doesn't try to sleep with all his groupies (eventhough my friend kept making jokes about he was going to try to pee on me because of how young I look). But overall the night was a free and beautiful nite, and shouts out to Phantom and the rest of R. Kelly's staff for taking care of us that nite and beening fun, cool and nice gentlemens to us. I wish we coulda took pics but that wasn't allowed, but That nite was a 10/10

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm sorry but 1st joey know for a fact that he doesn't like this somaya chick at all, and he's using her to try to make Tahiry jealous. 2Nd. She's corny ass hell and they just don't look as if their a perfect couple. 3rd. He's very childish.
And I wonder if Tahiry TV will be replaced with Somaya TV. Oh I forgot that will never happen cause he has to keep tabs on Tahiry and Trey Songz.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


Can someone let me know when his career is over. oh yea, I forgot it is. That's why he's asking to borrow $20.00 in his songs, just to attend the clubs. That's rough! And Def Jam picked him up then dropped him faster than he could just end it himself by "Jumping out the window" Geessh! Def Jam, you should never kick a man while he's down. I guess!

P.S. Off topic again, but have anyone noticed that Keri Hilson can sing her ass off because of that long ass neck. Check it out for yourself, I'm not making this stuff up. Check out her new video "Slow Dance". I never seen anything like that in my life. But PEACE, LOVE, HONESTLY & KOSSIP!


I love this guy, he is so so giving. 1st throwing 50 stacks into crowd, 2Nd giving 10 people $1,000, 3rd giving some crying little girl a necklace at a basketball game, and 4Th giving a little girl $1,000 to leave his concert. Wow he's awesome, but I kinda feel like I should be around him just to let him no not to go bankrupt. I'm not saying he's running out of money, but he needs to make sure that he don't get carried away with giving all his money out like that. And I'm only saying this because I care (wink, wink)


It's starting to seem like no one wants T-pain anymore, now it's all about Gucci mane. And I don't know why but it seems like Gucci Mane's new album The State VS Radric Davis seeems like it will be more of a commercial album instead of a underground album or trap album. But that's where the money is, congrats GUCCI MANE you doing it big now.

I'm scared to say anything bad, cause I don't wanna get punched out like he did his jump-off. SERIOUSLY I'M DONE!


I'm sorry I would have posted one of his videos, but I didn't feel like getting a headache.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'M SORRY BUT I THINK HE HAS THE SMALLEST(HANDS)PALMS IN THE WORLD. But I luv his show and he's very funny. So check out Charlamagne tha idiot & Lil Duval's show:HOOD STATE OF THE UNION on YouTube. It's the funniest thing ever.
P.S. I hope he doesn't try to beat me up with his little palms for saying this. But at least I said something nice afterwards. PEACE, LOVE & KOSSIP!


This MotherFER can't keep a job for shit, damn. First it was The Wendy Williams show, now V100.3 in Philly. That nigga is the main one that's a "Decepticon", dumbass!

Monday, November 2, 2009