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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dustin Defends His Anti-Gay Remarks » MTV!

VIDEO: Dustin Defends His Anti-Gay Remarks » MTV Remote Control Blog

The most troubling part about Dustin's big (er, really BIG) reveal during tonight's episode was that it went against his previous negative/distasteful/ignorant (take your pick) statements regarding homosexuality (unless you're Heather, in which case the most troubling part is the fact that your boyfriend worked in the gay porn industry and didn't tell you). On a number of different occasions, Dustin made wildly hyper-masculine comments in the "Real World: Las Vegas" house that made him appear prejudiced toward gays.... So is he?

Check out some video from our latest "Backstage Pass" interviews, where Dustin says his views were completely misconstrued by his roommates. He's totally comfortable with gay people and thinks it's absurd that anyone would even question it. Not convinced? Neither is Mike. Make sure to watch the second clip, where he sounds off about Dustin's unnecessary "gay bashing."

Sunday, April 24, 2011


BET renewed their hit series The Game for a fifth season. The first three seasons of the show aired on The CW, until the network cancelled the series in 2009. After fans voiced their complaints, BET picked up the series and developed a fourth season, which premiered in January with a record 7.7 million viewers. The network is set to shoot 22 episodes for the new season. No word yet as to when the fifth season will debut. BET is also set to renew Let’s Stay Together for another season. Check out The Game cast members Tia Mowry & Pooch Hall talking with The Breakfast Club.

My bag! I cant believe that I didn’t put the news up about the renewal of “The Game” for its fifth season. Cause when I heard the news on “The Monique Show”, I almost fainted cause I couldn't believe it cause , I was so depressed thinking that it would no longer be any new episodes of “The Game” you know? But all the luvers of “The Game”, now we know about all the marching & shitz we had to do just to get “The Game” back just for a 4th season. And even after we finally got the 4th season there were rumors stating that after the 4th season there were definitely not going to be a 5th season, even though “The Game” broke massive TV records. I mean this basically all black TV show on BET breaks the record for being the #1 watched show on BET & in history, with 7.7 million viewers. So I always wondered how could they not possibly bring this #1 show back, but hey remember they canceled the show for no reason. But anywho we got our TV prayers answered, so no more the million Game Marches in D.C, no picketing, no shutting BET down and we don’t have to create all these FB & Twitter pages for “The Game”. We don’t have to go through no dam drama this season cause “The Game” fans, we got it made. 22 episodes, for season 5 but we still don’t know if it will be 22 epi of 30min’s or 22 epi of 1hr epi, which of course we want. Those dam 30mins be just a teaser, and I wonder will Jason still have a character on the show since Kelley Pitts is no longer with the show. And I luve this show so much that I hope they make good episodes like back in seasons 2 & 3, those was the best ever. This whole new Malik, Kelley, Jason and their bad azz daughter (where is the old Brittney, so adorable) I don’t like. and I luved when Derwin was still a rookie instead of this big time ball player. But no matter if the seasons are amazing like season 2&3, or their mediocre like season 4. I know that Kay is addicted to all of it including the reruns, they make me feel like I never seen it before that’s how much I luve “The Game”. Oh, and another season of “Let’s Stay Together” will also be airing so stay tune to season 2 of that, cause I need to know if they got married or not.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj Officially Signs On To Britney Spears Tour, HELLZ YEA!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Officially Signs On To Britney Spears Tour | The Urban Daily

Nicki Minaj has officially signed on to Britney Spears’ upcoming summer tour. Nicki is replacing Enrique Iglesias who backed out of the tour earlier this month. Sources tell TMZ that the deal was done several days ago and that all parties involved are ecstatic. Nicki is currently on tour with Lil’ Wayne until the end of the month. She heads back out on the road with Spears on June 17th in Sacramento, CA.

You go out and get that “white money honey” lol.

In other Nicki Minaj news: Nicki Minaj dispelled rumors that she would be appearing on Beyoncé’s forthcoming album last night before taking the stage at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Beyoncé & Nicki MinajNicki also talked about her alter egos and which one was her favorite (Roman Zolanski), and which one was the most stylish (“All of them!”) Nicki performed at the NYC launch of Casio’s TRYX camera. The Roots also performed earlier in the evening. Watch video below:


Lil B Crazy Self Names New Album “I'm Gay”

lil bLil B' Names New Album I'm Gay | HotHipHopDetroit - Hot 102.7 Detroit's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

It was announced last night via Twitter that Lil’ B’s new album will be named “I’m Gay.” In what would usually be a shocking title, you should expect nothing more from an artist who has a song called “Hoes On My D*ck Cause I Look like Jesus.” @Pitchforkmedia tweeted this “Lil’ B announces his new album will be called “I’m Gay.” Then raps over air france. This is really happened. #coachella”

No reports have surfaced stating if Lil’ B is gay or not…

This comes after Hip Hop was ruffled by a scandal including Mister Cee having “gay sex” with an alleged prostitute.


AOL.com - News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle

Wow I didn’t even no Rihanna had 2 brothers to begin with and no RiRi is just not finding out that her father, actually fathered 3 more children when he was still married (or with) RiRi’s mother. That cheating bastard hid these 3 kids for all these years, I wonder how Rihanna feels about finding this info out through the public rite along with her fans and everyone else in cyber world. That’s pretty wild rite, but any who I gotta watch The Bad Girl’s Club & I already missed 8 mins blogging this story for my Kossipers, see that’s how much I luve you guys. Ciao!


Video: Killed It: Da Brat (Fresh Outta Jail) Going Ham On Chris Brown's Look At Me Now!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Jersey Shore' star Sammi Sweetheart says she doesn't care how much she gets paid

Sam Giancola said she's broken up from Ronnie Ortiz. Seriously this time.

'Jersey Shore' star Sammi Sweetheart says she doesn't care how much she gets paid

After a long-fought out battle to get paid more per episode, could Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola not even know what she earns? In an interview posted on popeater.com, the "Jersey Shore" star played dumb when asked how much dough MTV was putting in her bank account every pay period. "I don't worry about money," she said. "I just worry about what I do best, living in a house with seven other people and living it up. I don't even worry about the money, I just worry about myself."When the interviewer pressed her on the issue, asking if she would notice if her paycheck was off by $10K, she quipped: "If MTV put a check in your bank wouldn't you be loving life?"The filming of the latest season of the hit show was delayed after cast members demanded to get paid more – and even jeopardized the cast heading to Italy at one point last month.Now that they're ready to go, Giancola is more concerned about whether co-star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will be stuck with "grenades" or find his true love."The girls are gonna want nothing to do with him," she said. "I just think the girls are more reserved and more classy than the girls in the U.S." As for her, she said she'll be looking for love in Italy too – and not hanging onto her roller coaster relationship with housemate Ronnie Ortiz. "Today I'm single," she proudly proclaimed.

Mom whose baby drowned while she was on Facebook sentenced to 10 years in prison!

Shannon Johnson allowed her 13-month-old son to drown in a bathtub while she was on Facebook.Mom whose baby drowned while she was on Facebook sentenced to 10 years in prison

A woman who admitted she was on Facebook while her son was drowning was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday.

Shannon Johnson, 34, will also serve five years probation upon her release from the slammer, prosecutors said.

Johnson pleaded guilty in March to felony child abuse resulting in the death of her 13-month-old son Joseph in September. Instead of monitoring her child in the bathtub, she admitted to investigators that she was on Facebook.

She told police that she heard the infant happily splashing around in the bathtub as she played a Facebook game called "Café World", checked her friends' profile and more on the social networking site.When she didn't hear any sounds from the baby after about 10 minutes, she said she went to check on him and found him slumped over making "gurgling sounds." She called 911, but it was too late to revive the boy, who was pronounced dead from drowning at the hospital. The boy's grandmother told police that she had warned her daughter about leaving the baby alone in the tub – especially after the baby had suffered a seizure a month before he died. But Johnson told cops that she left the boy alone because she didn't want him to be a "mama's boy." She also reportedly admitted to police that her actions were "stupid," Johnson could have been sentenced to 48 years in prison.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Your Neighborhood Shop


We can cut, dread, chop, thread, highlight, wash, relax, trim, straight-razor shave, wax, curl up & dye all types of hair.

We’ve changed our hours for at least the summer and are updated on our site. Also, we regret to say that Caitlin, one of our stylists has moved to California…but we’re sure she’ll have fun! If you’re one of Caitlin’s clients who we haven’t seen in a while, no worries, we’ll link you up with one of our other stylists based on your likes and needs. A call out to all our clients! We need to get some things done around the shop and we’re looking for people who can help us do it for either trade (preferable) or very low cost. If you think you’re one of those people, let’s chat. We need:

-New Aprons, Capes and a few slip covers for our shampoo bowls and pedicure chair;
-An Accountant familiar with Detroit and updated on current tax laws and credits, preferably with experience regarding salons or service related industry;
-PR/Marketing help;
-Interior design/Marketing;
-Other things you think you have to offer…if we need it, we get it somehow…why not from our neighbors?

Cass Corridor Brand is seeking new product ideas and producers! If you know natural and organic healthy living and you’re good at mixing stuff up, then there may be an opportunity for you. CCB is looking to add more locally made product to be labeled and package under the Cass Corridor Brand. Labels will feature collaborations and point new customers to other things you do. At the very least, you’d be selling more raw product than you probably otherwise would, so its a great way to start something new, or test out current ideas. If we like it…it could work. If interested, contact Curl Up and we’ll get the ball rolling. By our 2 year anniversary this December, we’ll have over 3000 new clients! That’s 2000 more than we had at our 1st anniversary! I’d say that’s 90% due to our awesome and loyal clients who’ve been referring everyone they meet! Remember, send us any new client for any service with your name written on a referral menu card and you’ll both receive 20% any service on your next appointment. If you think about it, after a few referrals, you’ve got nearly free services…we’ll combine up to two referral discounts per visit…that’s 40% Off just for telling someone you love us. Its a hug wrapped in money. We will soon accept appointment requests online. For now, you can always call for direct appointment scheduling @ 313-833-5006. NONE of the products we use are tested on animals: Cass Corridor Brand (Hair & Skin), Kemon (Color & Chemicals), Villa Lodola (Scalp & Skin Treatments), MOP (Haircare) and our nail polish is vegan (Spa Ritual) as well as toluene, dbp, and formaldehyde free (Spa Ritual & China Glaze). We offer massage therapy, spa services and full body waxing services from brows to Brazilians…and threading! We participate in Wayne State’s student discounts and a have a kick ass referral program for all clients, as well as ever-changing monthly specials…call for our most up to date offers.Best of all, our focus is on creating stylish and healthy hair to fit your lifestyle as a Detroiter while trying to be the greenest and most conscious salon available

Monday, April 11, 2011

Here Iz Anotha Cory Gunz “Son Of A Gun” Reality TV Show Sneak Peek, ENJOII!

Video: Cory Gunz “Son Of A Gun” Reality TV Show [Trailer] | Young Money HQ

In the video above, you can watch a sneak peek of Cory Gunz‘ upcoming reality TV show titled Son Of A Gun, which premieres on April 28th at 11PM on MTV. This show is gonnabe dopeRolling on the floor laughing

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aubrey O'Day's Love B. Scott Interview: Danity Kane Drama Remains!

Aubrey O’ Day revealed (again) that none of the former Danity Kane members talk to Dawn Richard anymore, despite their attempts to reach out to her. (Really, girls? Still?) She also addressed the rumors (again) that her and Diddy were in a relationship, but she throws some good shade at her former boss this time around. Ha!

(She discusses her relationship with her vibrator and her top 5 celebrity baby daddies, too.) WATCH!

On if she’s still friends with the Danity Kane girls
“You’re gonna see Aundrea come on the show. You’re gonna see us reunite for the first time since me being fired. You’re gonna see us back in the studio again recording and there’s gonna be some drama that goes along with that. I’m meeting Shannon, we’re having a barbecue at my house, so we’re reuniting again for the first time. D. Woods and I have always been tight. And nobody talks to Dawn and we’ve all reached out.”

On having a relationship with Diddy: Aubrey O'Day & Love B. Scott Interview
“No, not at all. I always ask people when they say that, ‘Where do you get from? Why are you thinking that?’ and they always say, ‘Well, the way you talked to him on the show, you really acted like you obviously had been in bed with him the night before, like you had some privilege or some right to be talking to Diddy like that.’ And I hear that a lot from females and it’s interesting to me because, as a woman, you should really applaud women that aren’t afraid of speaking their mind and that don’t cower in the likes of money and power.”

(And check for the 3:35 mark where she throws shade at Diddy!)

Aubrey O'Day's Love B. Scott Interview: Danity Kane Drama Remains! VIDEO | Hello Beautiful



106 & Park: Get To Know Blind Fury | 106 & Park | Videos | BET

Blind fury won against Moon Friday April tha 8th on 106&Park. Watch the entire 3-round battle below:


One way to increase your chances at a second season pick up: Embark on an expletive-laden rampage on live television. For all the blandness of the six-episode season of The Real Housewives of Miami, last night’s liiiiiive reunion special was pretty spicy. Given the history of these reunions, it was bold of Andy Cohen and his team to brave live television with these hungry reality stars in tow, all of whom saved their most scandalous revelations for last night’s hour-long special. Adrianna seemed to being carrying the Miami cast’s hopes for a renewal on her finely sculpted shoulders, slinging accusations of cheating Cristy’s way, as well as dropping a bomb about her supposed relationship with a 19-year-old (where was all this dish six weeks ago?). At least the tape delay engineer had a busy night.

Watch Andy Cohen squirm in the video below:

'Real Housewives of Miami' live reunion: A good move? And more importantly, where's YOUR mirror? | PopWatch | EW.com

DEAR LARSA: Ur a arrogant beotch & the only reason why you were so offended by a "beautiful and funny older lady" like Elsa, Is because obviously everything Elsa said to you was very true. Christy just listened and ignored, but no since Mrs. Elsa didn't say anything "POSITIVE" then you had a huge problem with it, you even made a statement saying "Oh, when I was growing up my mother always gave me a pat on the back, telling me that everything I did was right". And that's your problem now, Elsa didn't say anything positive so you got pissed at an elderly lady. Well listen here Larsa: you will never be perfect, everyone love their kids & husband, your not the most beautiful lady I've ever seen, you disrespect Marysol elderly mother calling her: UGLY, then your bad azz son said "Damn right". Then you play ass if your a little innocent girl, but remember KARMA IS A BITCH & let's hope that you become Mature and that you don't go Broke, and Scotty doesn't leave you for a more beautiful, young, working, non-superficial chick.

And you say ur perfect but not your husband, who was accused of physically abusing 2 women from his past. Leopards don't often change their spots, so sell your load of crap to somewhere else beotch. And just maybe if the rest of the chicks were dope like my gurl Adriana, Lea Black, Marysol & even Mrs. Elsa (Marysol’s mother was the break out star of RHOM) then Bravo wouldn’t had cut the season short due to low ratings and the only okay episode was the season reunion. And you know for a fact that no one watched RHOM because Bravo network gave these chicks the very low end of the stick. Now you know if ur a fan of the Real Housewives franchise like I am, then you know that every reunion Bravo rents out a huge beautiful location for the ladies to hash it out at & they even get sometimes a 2 part reunion (only if your popular like RHOAtlanta & etc.) But Bravo gave the chicks of MIA the “Watch what Happens” studio which is Andy Cohen little, little studio that barely can fit 3 guests & a small camera crew all at once. Then Bravo made the MIA chicks feel special by telling them that they never had a “LIVE REUNION EVER” which is true, but come on if you dum then you'll be geeked up. But Bravo had to do that to make them feel “special”. so freakin hilarious! Well that’s all folks, and I went easy on Larsa stuck-up tale because it’s a Sunday & in a couple of hours I'm going to church. I'm blogging to keep myself up, so I can go and clean my filthy mouth out & I haven't been in about 3 wks which is horrible, but most of all I know if I fall asleep its going to be done fo, I holla!

Read some of the RHOM blogs below:


Video: Gucci Mane Arrested Again For Allegedly Pushing Woman Out Of Moving Hummer!

"He's in the news again. Radric Davis, who is more famously known as Gucci Mane, is not only in the news again...he's in jail again. This time he's charged with battery, a misdemeanor, but as a result of the arrest, he is also charged with violating his probation on previous charges. The rap star was taken into custody by DeKalb County Sheriff Deputies while he was visiting his probation officer at the Georgia Department of Corrections Probation Office on Sylvan Road in Atlanta. Gucci Mane was transported to the DeKalb County jail where was booked in and will wait for a probation hearing. The incident he is charged with happened on January 28th, according to an incident report from DeKalb County police. According to the report, Gucci Mane picked up a 36 year old woman at South DeKalb Mall in a white Hummer after he asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast. The alleged victim stated she had never met the suspect previously but knew of his musical profession according to the report. At one point the woman realized he wasn't taking her for breakfast. "(The woman) asked what was he doing and where were they going. Gucci Mane stated that he wanted to go to the hotel and that he would give her $150 dollars. (The woman) refused and stated just take me back to the mall, I can make my own money." The report said Gucci Mane leaned over the woman and opened the passenger side door while the vehicle was still in motion. "Gucci Mane shoved (the woman) several times in the side and shoulder area attempting to get her out of his vehicle." The report said the vehicle left the roadway and Gucci Mane was able to push (the woman) out of the vehicle which was still moving. According to the report, the woman was transported to Atlanta Medical Center complaining of soreness and pain. The woman was advised to apply for a warrant. "Detectives did not take out a warrant," said DeKalb Police spokesperson Mekka Parish. "In misdemeanor assault/battery cases the victim applies for warrants." The arrest Friday is the result of an April 1, 2011 Magistrate Court Hearing of the woman's complaint. Gucci Mane is no stranger to police in metro Atlanta. This arrest follows at least five other arrests in Fulton County alone since 2005." - Atlanta News

Well my opinion is that if Weezy can get 1 year in jail for some bullshitz, and a unappreciative a-hole like Gucci Mane can be in and out of jail & rehab so many times in a year. Then his azz ain’t grasping onto the lesson obviously, so give his azz a year or more. Then he’ll get it, cause ova 5 times being slapped on the wrist for a couple of days apiece aint working. You see Waka is appreciative of his found success, and obviously Gucci has an ego that punches & throws females out of cars.Surprised smile

Video: Trey Songz Making Out With A Random Chick At The OMG Tour!

Video: Trey Songz Making Out With A Random Chick At The OMG Tour!


Lil Wayne Hit With a $5.6 Million Tax Lien

lilwaynegettyimages[1]Lil Wayne Hit With a $5.6 Million Tax Lien

Last month, rapper Lil Wayne announced that he hoped to retire early in order to spend more time with his family. It seems, however, that Uncle Sam might have other plans. Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., may have to work a little longer in order to settle some unpaid tax debts.
Carter was recently slapped with a federal tax lien in the amount of $5.6 million. These aren't Carter's only federal income-tax liens. Last year, he was liened by the feds for more than $1 million for the tax years 2004, 2005 and 2007; he has reportedly paid off those obligations. These most recent liens reflect balances due of $3,351,078 for 2008 and $2,258,956 for 2009.
Carter, who turns 29 this year, has been rapping successfully for 20 years. He got his start at the age of nine with Cash Money Records; he was the youngest member of the new label at the time.
In 2008, the year for which Carter owes the most money to the IRS, the rapper had his most successful album ever, Tha Carter III. The album sold 1 million copies in its first week in the U.S. and more than 3.5 million in the U.S. overall; it has been certified triple platinum by RIAA and won the Grammy for Best Rap Album that year.
The year before Tha Carter III was released, Lil Wayne was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and, as a result, served time in New York. If this story sounds familiar, it is. Lil Wayne's story, one of a rapper jailed over a firearm while owing back taxes, is reminiscent of fellow rapper Ja Rule, who recently pleaded guilty to tax evasion in a federal court.
Lil Wayne was released from prison weapons charges late last year and is currently on his I Am Still Music Tour. It marks his first appearance on stage in more than a year.

Dam homeboy, celebrities get so tied up with their Hollywood lives and everything being perfect. While the motha-fer that suppose to be handling the taxes and shit fxxk you over cause you to busy not keeping yo eye on nixxas that should be handling the busy. Anywho the concert was amazing I mean one of the best concerts hands down!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Looks like our baddest Bad Girl has finally been tamed – by a guido!! Natalie eloped last weekend with Emilio, one of the heartthrobs featured on the upcoming season of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. Emilio swept Natalie off her feet when they met during filming a few months ago and they have been secretly dating ever since. In what can only be described as a whirlwind romance, the two took it to the next level and escaped to the island of Barbados to make it official! The two are happy as can be and are starting their life together in Los Angeles. Has Emilio made Natalie an honest woman? Or are these two the official Bad Girl and Bad Boy of Oxygen??


APRIL FOOLS DAY!! We’re just playing. We all know that Miss Natalie Nunn couldn’t keep a secret like this and no one tells a Bad Girl what to do right? Emilio does happen to be one of our hottest contestants on Love Games but we can’t spoil if he’s wooed one of our Bad Girls yet. That’s all for you to find out April 18th at 10 PM during the season premiere of Love Games.

Want to see what Emilio has to say about what makes him sexy?? Check out his candid photos and answers to our Q & A here. Also, make sure you’re on point with what’s been happening with Natalie since we last saw her – check out her latest photos and find out what turns her on.

This season, everything has changed. Tanisha is our new host and you know she’s going to tell these guys how to keep it real. Natalie is competing for their affection along with Season 5’s Lea and Season 3’s Amber. These three ladies will also be duking it out to be the weekly Head B*tch In Charge. You’ll have to tune in to see what that means…

Natalie Nunn Weds Love Games Co-Star! | Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too | Love Games | Oxygen

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

R.I.P Dariel Pulliam, Celebrity Hairstylist Dies

Dariel Pulliam, Celebrity Hairstylist Dies | Hello Beautiful

Dariel Pulliam, a celebrity hairstylist who appeared on VH1′s “What Chilli Wants 2,” and worked with singer Keyshia Cole as well as a lot of other folks in the industry, has passed away from an undisclosed illness.

Tionna Smalls, who appeared on the show, tweeted the following:

Pulliam tweeted the following from his hospital bed on March 30th:

My prayer goes out to him & his family.. And so sad because him & Elite (Keyshia Cole’s sister) had inked a reality show, but I don’t know if they filmed before his passing.



Lil Wayne Booed In Chicago After Performing "Green & Yellow" [VIDEO] | HotHipHopDetroit - Hot 102.7 Detroit's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Friday, April 1, 2011


This just in Rihanna pregnant. Word has it she will call Paigion to talk about this today-stay tuned to hothiphopdetroit.com for the update!

Who’s baby could it be Drake? Matt Kemp, or Em-they have collaborated a lot the past few months! Or even Ryan Phillippe, I mean that is her boytoy at this moment. Oh me gee, that baby would be to cute, but it would have to many step-brothas & sistas. What yall think about this stupid rumor, well atleast I think for now it is. Well I pray it is because when I become famous who will I have to try whiskey & apple juice, and fall into a “white boy wasted drunken coma” which I always fall in, dammit!