TamarBraxtonTamar Braxton is ripping her own controversial video for “Hot Sugar” to shreds, and she’s blaming the video director for the ill-received visual.
That ain’t hot! “Hot Sugar” has been panned by Tamartians and haters alike as they shared some poor reviews, not the least of which have come from Tamar herself.
Last week when Tamar dropped the long-awaited video, fans weren’t exactly feeling it. She was proud to present “Hot Sugar” online and she’d even teased the visual on her social media with some behind-the-scenes footage.
After a few days of harsh criticism, it looks like Tamar has changed her tune as she slammed the video’s photographers, Gomillion and Leupold, on Rihanna’s Instagram. According to her rant in the comment section, she had a much different vision for “Hot Sugar,” which Gomillion and Leupold tossed out for its own concept.
“I think you guys are Very talented,” Tamar started. “But the way y’all did me for that #hotsugar video was pure F*CKERY!” From there she went on about how the photographers were nearly impossible to get a hold of and how they didn’t let her see a final cut of “Hot Sugar” before they sent it to her.
Check out the rest of Tamar’s tirade below!

Wen i seen this video i though 2 things
: 1. 
It looks undone 
& cheap. 2. why all her otha videos look professional 
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