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Friday, March 29, 2013


The Weeknd Responds to Drake Diss SONG! 

(Full Breakdown of the BEEF Between em!)


It was not too long ago that They were chatting on the phone like best Friends
literally. Listen:

If you remembered two nights ago Drake Fired off what seem like not so subtle signs at Abel (The weeknd) sounding obviously not pleased with the fact that The Weeknd did not sign with his Label OvO. 
"And I’m the only nigga still known for the music"
Listen Below:

The Weeknd Reponse? To the Whole Track and to that Line was tweeted out Friday afternoon by him.

Seems like No Salt on The Weeknds part … Drake obviously isn’t done though! LETS RECAP!
RECAP OF THE WHOLE BEEF? SEE BELOW (Its a few pages to Read em all) Well The Weeknd eventually went on to sign a solo deal with Universal Republic this past September and release Trilogy with no attachment to OVO in November. That’s apparently when Drake and The Weeknd’s relationship went sour. The Weeknd was suppose to sign to a Label started by Drake called “OvO”. He started it under Warner and even courted the name among hip hop fans as OVO – XO or commonly OvOxo (Xo being The weeknds Brand). Obviously it was set up for The weeknd to be the Lead Artist of Drake’s Imprint and Drake placed his brand behind it early by putting him on songs on Take Care and giving him great media looks with songs and collabs.(see Next Page) 
All because they were homies? Or so we thought. Drake thought the fellow canadian vibe + the fact Drake has done so much for him meant The Weeknd would automatically sign to OvO. well either Drake took too long to establish Ovo or The Weeknd didn’t want to mix business and friendship but he DID NOT sign with Drake. Now Imagine how Drake felt, You put so much behind helping another artist career (who to The Weeknd Credit- is talented but exposure wasn’t 1/10,000 what it was without Drake) and he not sign to your label. Well Drake Tweeted about just that in the tweet below. And if anyone knows @Drake on twitter. He is a man of a few words. Speaks a little but means a lot.

You won't get away with just a thank you...you owe me a favor.

Drake Sent a few Shots at The Weeknd in his latest single “Started from the Bottom

I could turn your boy into the man
There ain’t really much out here that’s poppin’ off without us, nigga
We just want the credit where it’s due I’ma worry about me, give a fuck about you
Nigga, just as a reminder to myself
I wear every single chain, even when I’m in the house
Cause we…
No new niggas, nigga we don’t feel that
Fuck a fake friend, where your real friends at?
Drake’s camp took one more step to draw lines in the sand by his OVO (usually referenced as OVOxo in the past) sent out this tweet.

who side r u on?

(u already know im on drizzy's, u cant have sumone put u on then be an asshole/user & bite the hand that fed yo azz in the 1st place. but drake shouldnt even get mad over this bum because: "thats the nature of the beast" most peeps in the music industry r fake azz hell, if tha weeknd doesnt do interviews at all then it real def b hard 2 promote his music in which peeps only no he cause of drizzy, tha weeknd will b a 1 hit wonder "here today gone tomorrow". No need to sweat the small stuff cause once they universal republic drop him he'll wish he signed to drake then. KARMA IS A BIG BEOTCH!)

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