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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

**UPDATE** Beyonce’s “Bow Down” Has Keyshia Cole Ready 2 Key Her Car, Due 2 Beys New Release Of Dirrty South Inspired Song: ‘Bow Down’

bey bow down1

Not everyone wants to “Bow Down” to King Bey. It looks like the genius that is Beyonce’s team achieved their goal: Get the world talking while letting R&B chicks know Bey holds the throne.
Is it a single, is it a snippet, will it even be on the album? These questions swirled around the ‘net on Sunday when a mash-up of  “Bow Down”/”I Been On” dropped Sunday. “Bow Down” produced by Hit Boy embodies Bey’s more ratchet side giving homage to her hometown of Houston. She sings, “I know when you were little girls/You dreamt of being in my world/Don’t forget it, don’t forget it/Respect that, bow down bitches/I took some time to live my life/But don’t think I’m just his little wife/Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted/This my sh*t, bow down bitches.”
Well, you know how they say a hit dog will holler. Keyshia Cole wasn’t feeling the lyrics to Bey’s new song that already has way less accomplished women telling others to bow down. Only a month after the Keyshia Cole vs. Michelle Williams debacle, Keyshia tweeted

keyshia tweet 1

keyshia tweet 2

The verdict is still out on why Keyshia felt a way when Bey didn’t mention any names. “I Been On” produced by Polow Da Don is a chopped and screwed version of her vocals–an ode to her Houston roots. 
What she does do incredibly well, like no other, is get the people going.
I would go HAM rite now on Keyshia Cole & her hating azz ways but Im 2 sleepy. All I gotta say is that Keyshia Cole should stay in her lane which is messing with Michelle: atleast Keyshia can mayb revive her career someday. But f-ing with the King Bey: will def cut ur career off FOREVER, but atleast Keyshia can jus concentrate on being a good wife & not losing her sexy-azz hubby; Boobie Gibson due to her mean evil ratchet azz! Plz Keyshia Cole if u really want to make a comeback someday do not, I repeat DO NOT F**K WITH BEYONCE. Goodnite!

Beyonce’ loves to tease us!  The Houston native just dropped the first song off of her up coming album and it is ratchet!!  We love it when King Bey taps in to her dirty south roots.  The single is actually a mix of 2 songs, Bow Down (produced by Hit Boy) and I Been Down (produced by the Dream).  She utilized a Southern hip hop tradition by slowing the song down, choppin and screwing it!  If this is a peek into her new sound….we love it!
The cockiness she has in the song reminds us of “Ego.”  Now that Mrs. Carter has come into her own completely, being a wife, mother, her own manager and the biggest pop star in the world…she can say almost anything and we will Bow Down!
Listen Below:

(Listen) Beyonce’ Released Her New Dirrty South Inspired Song ‘Bow Down’


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