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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kenya’s “Booty Boot Camp” vs Phaedra’s “Phine Body”


I guess the battle is on! If you have been watching this season Real Housewives Of Atlanta on Bravo, you know there is a battle going on between Phaedra Park and Miss U.S.A Kenya Moore. What started out as two friends joining forces to create a workout DVD for ladies to obtain a firm booty turned into the battle of the booties. Phaedra hired Kenya to produce to produce her “Donkey Booty” workout DVD but when Kenya didn’t like the deal that was put on the table she decided to do her own booty workout DVD. We have seen nothing but the battle of Shade between these two for the past few weeks and now it is time for these ladies to put the money where their booties are. According to Reality Tea, Kenya who just released her DVD is currently winning.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s workout DVD is ranked as #44 in Movies & TV > DVD > Exercise & Fitness compared to Phaedra’s Phine Booty which is currently ranking at #3,545 in Movies & TV. Strangely Phaedra’s Volume 1 has also doubled in price since its initial release.
You can check out the trailers below:

(Let me know which DVD you rather prefer?)

I'm sorry but just by the rankings & the dam cover alone I would go with Kenya's, plus commonsense tells me: You want a regular hood-chick body that you can get any day of the week just by sitting on your azz & eating all day like I do now lol, or I want a real workout to achieve a real fitness body. ( and what woman in the world wouldn't wanna look like Kenya, the body not that face honey)

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