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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WTF: Model Jessica White Preps New Album & Reality Show!

Jessica White is trying her hand at television once again…
(Remember she was supposedly the "girlfriend" a.k.a. his reality show boo thang, of ex-football player Terrell Owens a.k.a. TO. When he had his multiple seasons on VH1 of the T.O show)

This past weekend, the former Sports Illustrated model was spotted wearing some fierce heels in the streets of New York while she filmed a new reality show with her nephew. The upcoming series, which is set to air on the Style Network later this year, will follow Jessica’s career as a supermodel while giving a behind-the-scenes peek at some of her commercial shoots and ad campaigns.   We will also get a peek into her studio sessions as she records a new album.

She recently dished to NY Mag:
I think the world is going to be really shocked. I’m a lot more creative than people can imagine. This year, they’re gonna get a big huge handful of how creative I really am. I want everybody to be surprised. This is huge. I’m using a live band to record the whole entire album. And I’m producing a lot of it and writing my own material. So I think the world is going to be really shocked. We don’t know when it’s coming out. Right now I’m just creating.
Last year, she hopped in the studio with Ryan Leslie so it seems as though she’s taking her singing career pretty seriously.
In 2011, Jessica snagged a reality show deal with Oxygen, however, she ended up pulling the plug on it before filming was completed.

Checkout some of Jessica's pics:

Jessica White

Jessica White films new reality show with her nephew
He is so cute!


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