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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

***UPDATE**** YOU GO BOY: Did Justin Timberlake Slam Kanye West On SNL Last Night?

**UPDATE** Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Refuse To Invite Justin Timberlake To Their Wedding Over SNL Joke!

Kanye West Kim Kardashian street 450x800 Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Refuse To Invite Justin Timberlake To Their Wedding Over SNL Joke

Kanye West is pissed after being told by his team that Justin Timberlake dared to diss him live on stage during his Saturday Night Live performance of Suit & Tie.

Because of this, JT will not be invited to the rapper’s upcoming wedding to Kim Kardashian, it is being reported. Kanye and Justin have ran into each other several times in the last few years and always seemed to have gotten along very well, but the former N’SYNC member didn’t appreciate the comments that were made regarding his song.

It almost came across like Kanye was just being bitter about about his best friend, Jay-Z, teaming up with Justin for his new album while West has been busy ranting in London about the President and other dumb things that are so lame, people don’t even take notice anymore.

Kanye had supposedly considered having JT and his wife Jessica Biel at his wedding, but after seeing how Justin took a shot at him by stating his song has rappers “acting dramatic”, it was obvious that Mr. West would react to it in some kind of way. It’s almost like he feels he can hurt other people’s feelings, but they can’t do it back to him.

We highly doubt Justin couldn’t care less about Kanye’s wedding; he’s busy planning his comeback tour and so far, his music career has been doing extremely well. Jay-Z isn’t even getting involved in this scuffle,- he’s just looking for new ways to get that money! Now that’s what we talking about.

Kanye, just have a seat somewhere and try and think on how you can be a good father to your child, because the way you are currently acting about someone else’s success shows you are not even mature enough to be a parent yet.

Well first off I have no idea if this stupid story is plausible or not, because we all know that it def ain't no wedding is happening no time soon. Not saying it isn't in the cards for Kim or Kanye, just saying it ain't happening with them too getting married with each other. And as much as Kim & Kanye are "extreme media whores", I don't think that Kris Jenner is really feeling Kanye's huge mouth. And trust and believe that as much as Kim & her mom Kris are money hungry, at the end of the day their not allowing anybody to f-up their future endeavors a.k.a big money in the future. And with Kanye's bipolar & narcissistic personalty, momma bear Kris isn't liking Kanye's rants as of lately. Of course, with Kanye's rants & all the peeps that hates him (def if president Obama calls you an idiot, then its def true), hes messing up future opportunities for them &  if Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian will probably would throw little Mason under the bus if it means they receive other opportunities in the future. And keeping Kanye as her man is more of a liability more than anything cause he shitz on the peeps who he will need in the future & its sad to say but Kim is guilty by association & if she cant control her own man then some thin isn't right. But we all know that thee only person that "SOMETIMES" can control him is his bestfriend Jay-Z, but obviously not at this moment because Kanye is on his period & being possessive of his bestfriend being closer to Justin Timberlake, and not only is that childish but female like. Any who, the ranting & the raving, the control issues, the split personalities, female-like qualities, the immaturity. And def since Kim K is pissed off as f**k at Kanye for the fact that she had a "miscarriage" scare on the airplane while leaving Kanye in Paris to get back home to LA, Kim K had to go to the hospital again. And once again the doc told her exactly what he told her with the 1st pregnancy care (when she was stressing about her divorce with ex hubby, Kris Humphries. But of course, Kim K is so money hungry she ignored the doc orders & the same thing happened but Kanye didn't even bulge from Paris at all (where he's just creating a clothing line in a huge Paris store & vacationing), he didn't even have the desinice to fly out even if it was just over bite to check on the BM. So I truly believe that: Kanye & Kim K wont last to long after the baby gets here if she even makes it to full term, meaning if she keeps chasing bread & neglecting her own unborn child because of her own selfish money hungry azz, Kim isn't ready for kids let alone Kanye is a kid, Kim loves attention so much that any little pain she feels she will be rushed to the hospital just to gain media exposure which is very sad, Kim doesn't wannabe associated with anyone that can potentially cause bad blood between her & any future opportunities & income. Basically Kanye West is skating on thin ice because Kris & Kim only loves money, and if Kim doesn't start taking it easy she will def have a miscarriage, if she doesn't learn to care about another human other than her azz, money & herself. Nevertheless, Kim or Kanye isn't taking this pregnancy serious at all & I truly believe that Kim or Kanye shouldn't be having kids with no one at this point in their lives because its OK to be selfish & take care of yourself but babies doesn't save problems they make em worst. And Kim needs to realize that stress is a very serious thing & it kills peeps everyday in this world, by giving peeps: Heart Attacks, Strokes, Blood Clots, High Blood Pressure, Depression, even Death & it should def be taking very serious. Although, being married while and preggo's with another man's child would stress any person out I believe!
Justin Jay Z SNL

Justin Timberlake was host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night and was surrounded by high-profile friends like Andy Samberg and the man himself, Jay-Z. But did JT also create an enemy by using his “Suit & Tie” performance to shut down Kanye West?
A few weeks ago, West was caught ranting about a number of things on stage in London, including Jay-Z’s collaboration with Timberlake on “Suit and Tie”. Saying, “I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f*uckin’ with that ‘Suit & Tie.’”

In a weird twist, Justin seems to have taken notes from Kanye himself and responded to rumors by switching up the lyrics of one his songs in a live SNL performance. JT switched the lines ”Sh*t so sick/Got a hit and picked up a habit,” to, ”My hits so sick/Got rappers acting dramatic.” Which would be a great burn, but I think Kanye would act dramatically anyway.

If Jay-Z minded the shot at his friend and collaborator, it didn’t show. Hov joined Timberlake on stage for “Suit & Tie” and seemed to be having a great time:

Later in the show, Timberlake sang his new pop ballad, “Mirrors”, a song widely thought to refer to his once on-again-off-again romance with current wife Jessica Biel:

Whether or not Justin meant to insult Kanye doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matter is if Kanye feels slighted by the dig–and if so, how will Kanye respond?

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