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Friday, April 26, 2013

Chris Brown Filming New Music Video With Rihanna? Watch Intervie


Chris tells his fans they can possibly expect a music video starring him and Rihanna for a song on his new album, ‘X.’

Chris Brown may be preparing to shoot a new music video with  girlfriend Rihanna for a song off his album, X,
In an April 12 interview with Nessa from San Francisco’s Wild 94.9 radio station, Chris nodded his head in complete agreement when she suggested he and Rihanna should star in a music video together.
“I know Rihanna’s on the album, and I have an idea for you and Rihanna,” Nessa said. “Put out a video!”
While Chris, 23, didn’t completely confirm there’s a video in the making with Rihanna, 25, he nodded his head, saying, “Yes, yes, yes.”
We hope Breezy wasn’t joking, because we’d love to see him and Rihanna in a hot new music video. Wouldn’t you?
Chris and Rihanna took a cute picture together April 11 — and as usual, Rihanna posted it on her Instagram, captioning it, “We shady!!!”
After having a huge fight a few weeks ago, which lead to Chris hanging the phone up on Rihanna, the couple has since put that incident behind them, and have been spending tons of time together. Chris even surprised Rihanna when he attended her Diamonds World Tour concert in Los Angeles on April 8.
 Would you like to see a new video starring Chris and Rihanna? CHECKOUT VIDEO CLIP AFTER THE JUMP:

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