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Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Video: Alicia Keys & Maxwell, 'Fire We Make'

Watch Alicia Keys and Maxwell's "Fire We Make" video.
Alicia Keys and Maxwell turn up the heat in their "Fire We Make" video.
Just a suggestion, but you might want to watch Maxwell and Alicia Keys' brand-new "Fire We Make" video in the comfort of your own home and NO PLACE ELSE. And it's not because anyone actually gets naked, it's just that watching the passion unfold between Alicia and Maxwell is prooooobably not a something you want to experience at the office. Also, we firmly believe that listening to Maxwell's INCOMPARABLE falsetto should be done only with glass of wine in hand and boyfriend on speed dial.
Directed by Chris Robinson, "Fire We Make" is set in (what looks like) New Orleans in the '50s and stars Alicia as a gorgeous B&B innkeeper who, after having major eye-sex with Maxwell, returns to her bedroom to writhe on the floor and rub ice all over her body. (No judgement here! No AC in the summer?? You can find us  in a 24/7 ice bath.) After some more floor-writhing, fantasizing, undressing, and sexy stolen glances, the two finally reunite in person to embark on what we're sure is going to be the hottest first-time encounter...EVER. (Floor-writhing as seduction works every time -- just ask Ciara.) Yeah, so again, maybe reserve this video for an in-home viewing party. And if you don't have a significant other, you might just wanna skip it entirely because, in the words of Chris Kattan, it's JUST TOO SEXY. We're actually surprised Alicia's IRL hubby Swizz Beatz was OK with this!

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