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Friday, April 19, 2013

OKAY?!: Chief Keef Brandishing Guns In Paris And Such!

Chief Keef has discovered a new level of freedom in the France.
As reported by HipHopWiredChief Keef has been letting loose in Paris. He left earlier this week to work on new music with Kanye West and Young Chop in the French capital. The young Chicagoan rapper has been documenting his trip on Instagram, and the photos aren't your typical tourist shots. They show him pointing a gun at the camera and flaunting large amounts of cash, and there are also shots of his associates showing off assault rifles.
It's not all belligerent, though - one picture shows him plucking the strings of an acoustic guitar, and he's posted up in front of the Eiffel Tower in another. He's clearly enjoying himself.
Photo and video evidence has gotten Sosa in trouble in the past. Last year, he was briefly banned from Instagram for posting an image of himself receiving oral sex. Also, he recently spent two months in a juvenile detention centre for appearing in a Pitchfork TV special shot at a gun range, a violation of his probation (which stemmed from his aiming a gun at police officers in 2011). He's no longer on probation, though, so technically he's done nothing wrong here. 
Keef's aptly-titled Bang Pt. 2: The Mixtape mixtape is coming soon. Stay tuned for inevitable updates on the life and times of the rap game's most controversial young star.
Peep all the photos in the gallery above, and read a tweet and watch his latest video below: 

Shout Out To Kanye Niggas In Paris ☺
2:29 PM - 17 Apr 2013

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