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Friday, May 31, 2013

Girl Survives 2 Days Trapped in Car With Dead Dad!

(NEWSER) – A truly astonishing tale of survival out of North Carolina: A 9-year-old girl managed to survive for more than 43 hours stuck upside down after the car her father was driving crashed. Jordan Landon was trapped by her seat belt from about 10pm Friday until her Sunday night rescue, reports the Sun Journal. "She ate Pop Tarts and Gatorade while she waited for help," says a sergeant with the NC Highway Patrol. Her father, Douglas, 39, died from his injuries. "He was curled up in a ball with his arm right across his chest and his other arm pushed out across Jordan. He was trying to hold her and trying to keep her protected," says a family friend.
Though alcohol is not currently suspected as a contributing factor, police recovered the speedometer, which was stuck at 110mph, reports ABC News. The car "ran off the road to the right and into a steep ditch bank." The car went airborne and was inverted as it hit a cluster of trees," the sergeant explained. A passerby happened to notice the 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo while out walking. Police initially believed Jordan was dead, until she managed to make a sound. The story's unbelievably bizarre twist: WCTI reports that Jordan's mother set out on Saturday to look for the pair—and crashed her own car 100 feet from where her daughter was pinned. She survived, but rescuers never spotted Landon's wreck.

I want to send out my condolences to the Landon family, & OMG! Miracles definitely does happen & this little girl is def one. Who knows if it wasn't for the father doing what a real man & father does, by trying his best to protect his daughter by holding her back from going forward (which I dad use to do all the time if someone would be driving cray cray or if he had to break to hard, or last minute), the daughter probably would have been worst off than she was. Even though, her father is an angel looking & protecting her for the rest of her natural life, thank god that not just the little girl is fine but the mom is also. But its so weird how when someone gets into a accident theirs usually a large amount of; police cars & officers, ambulances & EMT personnel on the scene (depending on how large the accident is), and no freaking body saw the little girls & her fathers wreckage less than 100 feet away. Unbelievable story!

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