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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tell Em Why You Mad...........................................................

It seems Soulja Boy Tell Em doesn't have enough time or patience to keep everyone happy in his crew and thus another Stacks On Deck group member has moved on. However, instead of just packing up and leaving on good terms, it seems John Boy decided to let the world know how unloyal Soulja Boy really is. Complex has this:

According to John Boy, (to paraphrase) Soulja Boy is a fair-weather friend, who apparently "got a new best friend every week." In the wake of Soulja's spite with GBE's Ballout, John Boy came to the realization that he's been shown a lot more love and loyalty from the GBE camp than he ever has from the SOD leader. "Me and Soulja don't talk. He'll text me or DM me, 'Swag,' "Turn up bro,' 'What's good,' 'What you on.' And that's it. And I'll text him back. And a week later, 'Turn up, bro.' That's not loyalty, man." At what John Boy is calling a "fork in the road," he is deciding to clear the air about his motivations, disappointments, and plans for the future. Watch above for arguably the most well-lit, well-edited selfie video about Soulja Boy that the world has seen to date. (Complex)

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