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Friday, June 14, 2013

**UPDATE** Do Photos Lie? Kim Zolciak Says Pics Of Her Smoking While Pregnant Are BS............................

Kim-Zolciak-Kroy Biermann

Photos of a very pregnant Kim Zolciak recently surfaced online, and instead of showing off her mother-to-be glow, the images spot the reality star lighting up a cigarette.

According to TMZ, the “Tardy For The Party” singer claims the photos are bogus and were taken quite some time ago — although she conveniently doesn’t remember the exact date.

To the contrary, the photo agency reports the shots were taken yesterday, Thursday, June 27 — just two days after Zolciak announced her fifth pregnancy.

Sources close to Kim tell us, she has sent a cease and desist letter to the agency … accusing them of purposely deceiving the public about 2 sets of photos they shot.

We’re told Kim says she was actually photographed yesterday by the agency — while wearing black sweat pants — but not smoking.

According to our sources, Kim feels the agency defamed her by creating a made-up scandal — and she also claims the photog was trespassing when the smoking pics were taken.
Sources tell us the independent photog, who works for the agency, was on private property … so they’ve pulled the smoking photos.

We’re told Kim also wants an apology … but still might sue.

Take a look at the 3 photos in question below. Tell me if all 3 of these incriminating pics are made up or is Kim Zolciak being the habitual liar she was born as?

pic #1

pic #2

pic #3

Now if it may had  been 1 pic then I probably could give it to Kim, but then when pic 2 & 3 came out. There is no way that Kim isnt lying, cause that's all Kim does no wonder why she has so many lawsuits against her; even from her ex-bestfriend Kandi from "RHOATL". Kim was stealing money from Kim & being selfish as usual. I mean if Kim can f**k over her own daughters by continuously popping out babies not because she wants to but because she's being submissive & feels that if she doenst do exactly everything Kroy wants her to do. Then he's going to leave her, caring about your hubby more than your kids is never good, she knows that her daughters are very unhappy that Kim doesn't have time for them anymore. The oldest, Brielle has been crying out for attention by failing school & Kims only advice is that "her little boys needs her more than the girls do". But Kim will def pay close attention to her daughters especially Brielle, when Brielle gets preggos & become a teen mom (just like Kim did), and they'll all be on a different reality show then, named: Teen Mom on MTV. But knowing Kim being a "media whore" she probably would love that, cause Kim always allow this little boy to come over everyday, anytime & Brielle claims he's just her bestfriend. When they go on dates & Brielle says that she would love to marry her best guy friend, and they have no adult supervision. Cause Kim will be right there but only caring & paying attention to the little kids. And I love Brielle but that little girl is dum as a box of rocks, shes terrible in school & shes gets a brand new car for her sweet 16 & failing school. Great job Kim Zolciak, your the best mother a kid could have!


Kim Zolciak’s expecting baby no. 5, but she was recently caught lighting up a cigarette during a trip to the beach.
Kim has done it again! US Weekly reports that she is pregnant with her fifth child. This will be her third baby with her husband and Atlanta Falcons player, Kroy Bierman. They have two sons together, and she has two daughters from previous relationships. Although she’s got boys with Kroy, they’re hoping for a little girl this time around.
“Brielle and Ariana are older now, and Kroy wants a girl of his own,” a source close to Kim told Us Weekly.
Maybe the fifth time around has made Kim a little lax in her prenatal care because she has recently been photographed smoking a cigarette mid-pregnancy. Just yesterday, The Daily Mail posted photos of Kim with an apparent baby bump and a cigarette in her mouth.
Pictures show the 35-year-old “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and her clan relaxing on the beach. It appears to be a nice day. Photographs capture the family enjoying the sand, sun, and the carbon monxide in Kim’s cig.

If u have been keeping up with her show "Don't be Tardy for the Wedding", Kim Zolciak have been neglecting her 2 first children; Brielle & Ariana. Which Brielle is 15yrs old & failing out of school due to the stress of the new life that Kim has bestowed upon her. Brielle doesnt have her mom, the grandparents are suing their own daughter over visiting, Kroy is either busy with; football or riding Kim like a dame cowboy. And I feel so sad for Brielle cause she doesn't have anyone their for her to talk to & she even cry on the show alot about the fact that Kim has neglected her 2 first children. Kim's excuse of why she has done that;  (which i thought it shouldnt be an excuse, just fix the dam problem. but who am i?) she has to make sure her hubby isnt stressed b4 a big game, their living in that small azz townhouse (since kim couldnt afford that mansion they were living in & got evicted. but their having a house built & lets pray that it doenst end-up like that other ex-housewife "Chateau Sheree" lol), that the 2 sons thats both under 2yrs old is alot for her to handle therefore its ok to ignore the girls, atleast for rite now. And I want to respond to that by saying, "BEOTCH AINT NO F-ING BODY TOLD U 2 SIT UP THERE & 1ST OF ALL BUY A MANSION U KNOW YALL COULDNT A-F-ING-FORD, AND DEF NOBODY TOLD HER 2 HAVE 2 BABIES UNDER THE AGE OF 2 WITH THE 3RD ON THE F-ING WAY (AND I PRAY ITS ANOTHER BOY, CAUSE THEIR TRYING FOR A GIRL). Thats not her daughters problems, I cant stand moms that choose to have millions of babies then throw them to the oldest siblings & that just makes ur kids resent you. Im praying that Brielle comes out different but Kim needs to recognize that all the kids needs equal love & affection. And that a 16yr old needs jus as much attention as a baby, because Kim had children at a young age & that shit runs in generations. And since Brielle is living in a neglectful home, growing up & beautiful. But already failing school & has a boy-best friend thats "cool" hanging around the house & going on dates. Next thing you know she'll b dropping outta school, run off, become a stripper & bring home a baby on her next visit (just like her mother did), if Kim & Kroy doesnt change this around & stop having babies. I wished they lived in Japan because 1 is enough and all of Kim children are adorable, but this 1 gonnabe coming outta as a chain smoker & the girls are gonna go wild. Mark My Words; but i sometimes seriously feel genuinely like Kim loves Kroy more than anyone else in her household rite now, and Kroy is just a racist prick that is yung, dum & "Pxxxy Drunk a.k.a Love Drunk". And he allows Kim wigged face azz manipulates him into having all these babies. But I think that Kim feels that Kroy won't ever leave her, the more babies the more she feels secure about her "air & life a.k.a Kroy" ever leaving. And if & when they do divorce Kroy will really realize how dum it was to keep popping babies out, literally its about to be 3 babies all under the age of 3. And Kim looks so stressed out now, so how do she think that a new baby will make her life easier, dumazz. And moving into a bigger house doesnt take stress away, def Brielle felt a certain way about the 1st baby, now imagine the tension in the house with 3. And if you look at the show, Brielle & Ariana does not have a natural relationship with their half-baby brothers, its so weird. Anywho, wise word to Kim Zolciak: Allow your Pxxxy too heal alittle b4 u pop out baby 4, next year......O'Ka!

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