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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reggie Bush shares first pic of his daughter - a day after Kim K gives birth!

This may be a battle for the cutest baby girl! Just a day after Kim Kardashian welcomed her daughter, her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush shared the first snapshot of his month-old daughter, Briseis, with the world.
The proud papa posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday, holding his little angel in his arms. The adorable baby is Reggie and his fiancée Lilit Avagyan's first child together, and, judging by the cuteness of this little one, we can only hope that they continue to have more!

Reggie Bush   Enjoying my first Father's Day with my family! http://instagram.com/p/ao84oNMnAJ/ 

Jesuz I haven't seen a baby gurl this beautiful in along time, so freaking adorable. Straight gorgeous, I guess Reggie wanted to drain out all that "Kimye" baby delivery fiasco by putting his gorge daughter up for the world to see. And her face def took my mine off posting anything about "Kimye" & "Baby Kimye" for atleast a couple of hours or until their baby name is in the world lol, jus keeping it real!

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