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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mary Jane & Bambi Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Almost FIGHT At Kandi Koated Nights (video)...........................


So for those of y’all that missed KandI Koated Nights last night, World War III damn near broke out. The special guest was Mary JaneKirk Frost’s alleged mistress for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. It was wild out Wednesday and that is exactly what she did! I must say I have not followed Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as closely this season because it just doesn’t feel the same as season 1. I had been hearing all the hoopla about Kirk & Rasheeda’s marriage being on the rocks and Kirk allegedly stepping out with various women around Atlanta. Quite frankly I don’t believe it, but this isn’t about me.

Last week Atlanta was on fire because Mary J was up at the radio station with Big Tigger doing a radio interview and Bambi called in. From what I hear, all hell broke lose on the air. Up until this point, the whole thing did not interest me enough to even discuss it. Well, last night, just as we started to get underway with our interview on Kandi Koated Nights, Bambi walks through the door and all hell broke loose. Check it out.

At the moment in which all of this was taking place, I was completely blown. Honestly, I did not understand the depth of this situation and kept thinking to my self “is this made for tv drama really this serious”? Let me start out by saying that when the show started, we were continuously interrupted by Mary Jane’s mother who came off like an old woman sitting under a tree drunk off of Michelob and smoking a Benson & Hedges. Seriously, Mary Jane’s mother would fit in with Frankie Lyon’s (Keisha Cole’s mother) perfectly. At any rate, Mary Jane’s mother started running off at the mouth about Bambi before we could really even get the show started. From there, Mary J chose to use the platform to start running off at the mouth and talking reckless as well.

The real gag is, Mary Jane showed up to Kandi Koated Nights with a security guard. I vowed that I would be on my best behavior last night, so I didn’t go in too much. However, I damn sure was thinking to myself “this bish had a cameo on 2 episodes of Love & Hip Hop and now she needs security?” Chile bye! Ohh so now you that famous???  The next thing I thought to myself was “it is real easy to run off at the mouth and jump bad when you have a 6’4 300 white man in a suit standing in front of you. He was a fine white man, but that’s neither here nor there. Lol The last thing that was running through my head once things got crazy was “would Mary Jane, her momma, her publicist, and big girl that came with them all shut up.” Chile the whole situation was just dreadful. To top it off, big girl that accompanied Mary Jane looked like she’d be out of breath just trying to take her purse off. Girl bye!

Shortly after the altercation, Twitter began to light up:
@1_SoLo_AKA tweeted, “Man, I woke up thinking about how ‪@AdizBAMBI walked up on Mary Jane last night on ‪#KKN!! Her face was priceless!!”
‪ ‪@iheart_jaya tweeted, “@AdizBAMBI sometimes u have to let birds fly!!! Help the female YOUTH prevent them from turning into ‪#MaryJane
‪@NanasiaMusic tweeted, “[BAMBI] showed up with her Chanel bag how u look cute to go stomp Compton in a broads 4head true ‪#shimmerdown for what Hoe take this fade”
‪@MommyMiaandMilo tweeted “she don’t want it with you bam dont waste your time if she was a real as she claim she wouldn’t need security”
‏‪@MarcusB716 tweeted, “‪@AdizBAMBI I cant lie u had her shook… lol”
‏‪@neworleansdaddy tweeted, “‪@AdizBAMBI Mary Jane needs to fall back, and realize she is dealing with a Compton Boss!! ‪#Seriously
‪@VanityVitellii_ tweeted, “‪@AdizBAMBI just showed how to end a bitch career without even puttin hands on. Had that bitch scared just off her presence ‪#ShimmerThat
Bambi then took to Instagram:
Bambi and her friend also took the time out to explain a few things about Mary Jane.

We were never quite able to get to the meat and potatoes as to why this major beef has popped of between Bambi and Mary Jane. Mary Jane attempted to explain it to us and summed it up by saying Bambi is heated because Mary Jane got more camera time than she did.  Not really sure if I totally agree considering that Bambi had a much more substantial role on Basketball Wives LA. Chile, I don’t know what’s going on. Y’all know most times I have all the T. However, this sh!t is so trivial and junior high, that it is depleting my spirit to even talk about it.

It is evident that Mary Jane is trying to maximize the moment. Honestly, I’m not mad at her. You got to get it while the getting is good.  However, one must remember, “everything has a price. Either you are going to pay on the front end or the back end, but you are going to pay.” Not sure is a couple coins is worth portraying myself as a selfish whore on television. It does not make things better that Mary Jane was once involved in high profile scandal with Shaq (Shaquile O’neal) and is part of television show called “Mistresses of Atlanta,” due to air on Oxygen .
In closing I’ll say this, I am totally not buying this Kirk & Rasheeda foolishness. I think it is faker than Lil Kim’s face. What is real is this tension between Bambi & Mary Jane? Perhaps one of them didn’t stick to the script and now somebody is mad. I also think Mary J is traveling around town with security not because she is oh so famous and an angry mob of fans are going to storm her, but because she fears for her safety. I think Bambi needs to disassociate with this entire situation pronto. This is a sinking ship and I would not want to go down with it! I feel Mary Jane’s involvement and her motivation behind much of this fits into a much larger plan. Mistresses of Atlanta has not even aired and we already know who the breakout star is, you follow me? I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on what all goes down this weekend. I’m sure something is bound to happen.

When it was all said and done, Mary Jane had this to say to Bambi! Whew Lawd get ready!

If you missed Kandi Koated Nights, you can watch the ENTIRE situation from the hosts point of view down below

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