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Monday, July 29, 2013

Snooki's Son Channels His Inner Pauly D With A Faux Bath-Time Blowout [Photo]

No gel? No problem!

The clubs in Seaside Heights might have a 21-and-up age requirement, but when it comes to kickin' it "Jersey Shore"-style, anyone -- from tiny tots to grandpa guidos -- can partake. All you really need is a solid shirt-before-the-shirt and an industrial strength blow dryer.

While Snooki's ladies man-in-training is still brand new to the hair game (Lorenzo only got his first cut two months ago!) it already looks like he's an old pro when it comes to repping one of Joisey's signature 'dos. In the pic above, little 'Enzo can be seen basking in the beauty of his sweet faux blowout during bath time. Of course, knowing that he had some pretty big shoes to fill, Lorenzo hopped on his pop's Twitter account later to contact the expert, Pauly D, on the state of his vertical volume. "Hey @DJPaulyD how's my hair coming?" he asked his mane mentor.

Not surprisingly, Pauly gave the kid's slicked-up style a rave review, responding, "I love it!" Watch out, baby guidettes, this one's gonna be a heartbreaker!

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