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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Babey Drew Has Another Child And Baby Mama: Love & Hip Hop Star DJ Babey Drew Has ANOTHER Baby With Aspiring Atlanta Singer Mieko Love!


Via Funky Dineva reports:

Sneaky Crafty editing and carefully selected words have left the viewing public under the impression that DJ Babey Drew only had one child and one baby mother (DJ Traci Steele). Let me be the first to say that is the farthest thing away from the truth. Drew actually has a second child with aspiring singer Mieko Love. This beautiful baby girl is younger than Drew’s son with Traci whom we’ve seen on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.
 Let me introduce you guys to Autumn Noelle. It’s unclear how old she is presently, but its evident she is younger than Drew Jr. I’m still baffled as to why we have not heard about Autumn of her mother on the show. One thing is for certain, Drew is not hiding his daughter because this baby beauty is plastered all over his instagram.


Why is Traci acting like she’s the only baby mama in Drew’s life? She spazzes out at the nearest whiff of female cooch near her baby daddy but isn’t mad that he had a baby with some other woman less than a year ago? Hmmm…



So Adorable!

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