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Monday, August 26, 2013

***NUDE PICS, 4 WOMEN/LADY BOYZ ONLY*** **Update – EXCLUSIVE: Riff Raff (@JodyHighRoller) Masturbated Right In Front Of Me **WARNING NUDE IMAGES**


I am a hairstylist and was approached by Riff Raff via Twitter to do his hair for a performance he had that evening.  He told me to come to his house so that I could style him, however when I arrived (very professionally) the first thing he did was lay on his bed and whip out his uncircumcised penis and perversely begged me to touch it and suck it.  I refused and he proceeded to jack off in front of me… I was able to snap these candid pics of him while he cleaned himself up after he finished while I awkwardly stood by.  Needless to say, I immediately left and he came out of his apartment yelling down the hall asking me why I was leaving so soon.  Feeling violated and pissed that I wasted my precious time on that scumbag I feet it is important that everyone is aware of his antics.

~RiFF RaFF's lawyers send a letter to a website demanding they take down pictures of the rapper.
Houston, Texas native RiFF RaFF and his lawyers have officially hit TheDirty.com with a cease and desist letter in regards to pictures of the rapper allegedly masturbating in front of a female hair stylist.
According to a letter obtained by TMZ, RiFF RaFF'slawyers claim that their client "vehemently denies the allegations contained in TheDirty.com's article." The letter also claims that the use of unauthorized photographs for their commercial gain is in violation of California law. 
The rapper's lawyers also threaten legal action. Tabetha Plummer, the author of the letter writes, "Failure to promptly comply with this request will result in my client pursuing any and all legal remedies available to him."
See a full excerpt of the letter below and view all released documents relating to the case over at TMZ.

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