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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Well if u dnt remember what happened Ill sum it up briefly: Back in July, 2012 The Game & 40 Glocc had alittle alteercation because they had been beefing for awhile. Because eventhough 40 Glocc loves to say he's a gangbanger & swear he's so hard, he's a punk azz snitch. So The Game caught 40 Glocc ooutside a party at a mansion in Cali one day & gave him the beating he had coming to him, but then The Game decided to take it further by sending it to the super-duper populated internet site called: www.worldstarhiphop.com & stuff hit the fan after that. Next thing we knew this suppose to be "Gangbanger" from Compton, CA went & did what real gangbangers dnt do, and what got him that azz whooping in the 1st place. 40 Glocc ran to the cops & told on aka "SNITCHED" on The Game & carried out a lawsuit (eventhough The Game offered 40 Glocc $30,000 & a Toyota Prius, which I def would have taken but good he waited it out for the Big payday). So fast forward to August 2013 & the trial finally took place, but The Game tried to be slick; by bringing a professionally edited down version of the video which obviously shows The Game beating the shitz out of 40 Glocc, but Im assuming the edited version didnt show any soughts of The Game beating on 40 Glocc. But we all seen the highly publicized video by now (And if you haven't, check it out down below) & of course 40 Glocc & his lawyers brought the original version, shitz even the judge him or herself can go to youtube & see that it is totally different from the one that The Game & his lawyers brought to try & pull over the "wolves eyes" so to speak. And the judge didnt like that The Game would try to be so slick & coniving, and since the judge felt as though The Game lied in the court of law the judge taught him a lesson; that you cannot lie & put yo damn hands on peeps no matter how mad or a tough guy you are & he/she allegdly made The Game pay, literally. Yes, this dumazz snitch aka 40 Glocc was rewarded the amount of $1 million for emotional stress placed on his azz by The Game & after this huge lost & payday to someone he hates, I bet that The Game will never in his life put his hands on another man (we know that aint true, but maybe he'll be smart enough to not tape it & show it to the world unless he'll be coming out of pocket again).Yall guess what 40 Glocc did after winning? You guessed right, this loser went straight to twitter to snitch to the world, only through subliminals & creative pictures (lol) Lets pray for the both of these rappers; I pray that 40 Glocc AKA Yon Ju stops snitching so he can stop getting his azz beat up every year & I pray that The Game gets anger manangement, gets it together & growup so that Tiff doesnt leave him for good & that he makes his $1 million back quickly!

Sum of 40 Glocc's subliminals to The Game over twitter (so childish)

The Game beats up 40 Glocc while holding his phone -Full Fight-


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