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Friday, August 30, 2013


Just three days after her raunchy bum wiggling caused outrage at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Justin Bieber to sing about twerking.

A joint single from for former Hannah Montana star, 20, and the 19-year-old Canadian YouTube sensation Justin Beiber, entitled "Twerk", emerged online yesterday despite.

Despite the negative backlash prompted by Cyrus's VMA performance, she has continued promoting the provocative dance move.

She sings on the club anthem: “I came up in this party time to twerk (twerk it, twerk it).” Other lyrics include: “Girl I can’t believe what you do to me”.

Rapper Lil Twist, who also features on the track, first announced the group were working on "Twerk" in July by posting a picture of the single’s cover art on Twitter.

The single was leaked online yesterday by an unknown source, however, its release comes just in time to capitalise on the furore following Cyrus’ most recent twerking escapade.

Yesterday the word 'Twerk' become officially recognised by the Oxford Dictionary.


Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus (R) perform onstage during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on August 25, 2013 in Brooklyn

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for MTV

Cyrus immediately kicked things up well beyond provocative, however, as she appeared on stage with a multitude of dancing teddy bears in a bodysuit adorned with a cartoon character. She twerked to her song We Can’t Stop, changed into a nude bikini, ran a fan’s foam finger along her privates as Robin Thicke appeared on stage to perform Blurred Lines, then gave the singer a lap dance.

“Miley better go get a pregnancy test after all that grinding,” Kevin Hart joked afterward.

Social media erupted with harsh criticisms of the former Disney Channel star’s racy performance with numerous Twitter users sending out photos of famous audience members purportedly looking shocked and disturbed by Cyrus’ “twerking” — a sexually suggestive dance move that is gaining popularity.

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The look on will smith's family's face as miley cyrus performed is literally everything. pic.twitter.com/h6QaktEZh5
@rihanna and the audience when Miley Cyrus started tweaking tho 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/XCNAyx6NT7
Rick Diamond/Getty Images for MTV

Larry Busacca / Getty Images for MTV

              Recap/My 2cent$: I don't think the song is terrible but its also not the best, I feel that everyone is blowing this whole Miley's "Twerking" situation to dam far: 1st of all Miley is a grown as woman that can do what the Fxxk she wanna do & so is Justin Beiber. (I just don't understand how peeps can give these "kiddos" shitz for growing up, jus cause your still watching "Hannah Montana" & stuck doesn't mean that Miley will be stuck that age forever. Plus, Rihanna was a "wild-child" as well & no one gets on her case.) I think peeps need to grow up & allow these child stars to as well (i mean its hard enough to be going through puberty, finding yourself, growing as an individual, plus having all the $ in the world & all yes men around them. No parental advisory, only "kiss-azzez" on top of being in the spotlight all the time. Imagine how hard that is & we all make mistakes as "kiddos", shitz even to this day cause no 1's perfect. But the difference is that when we f-ed up it was private & theirs is just public). Are you guys going cray cray over the fact that a little Caucasian girl knows how to "shake that azz aka Twerk", or that she likes to rap (which by the way isn't just a black thing if you forgot 1 of thee best lyricists in the game is Caucasian & his name is; **Eminem). That she "love the strippers"& "big-booty 304's" or the fact that Miley just has soul? But we forget that black peeps aren't the only peeps that like those things, just cause Miley was a pure little Hanna Montana doesn't mean that this isn't whom she is. Hell, her mom looks & acts freaking younger than myself & looks like she is or use to be a "wild-child" that has soul as well. And the fact that peeps are saying that someone should have stopped Miley from that performance, which sounds stupid; she's an entertainer & that's what they do best, is "Perform". And I feel that if; her mom, her dad, her family & friends (Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez, specifically lol), Robin Thicke, Paula Patton (which is Robin Thicke's wifey) but most of all herself is pleased with her performance then that's all that matters (Paula could have gotten mad at the fact that Miley Cyrus was showing-out Honey, by humping, twerking & heavily flirting w/Robin Thicke. But Paula is like 1 of the coolest peeps out there, plus why would Paula be threaten by any chick in the world let alone a "little girl" like Miley Cyrus (Paula's secure w/herself & her hubby Robin, plus look at Paula! What man would leave a beauty & awesome person like Paula for a "kiddo"?) 
       But peeps chill out Miley is a grown woman & if she like it I love it, I truly believe that MTV promoted Miley Cyrus performance up so much that it would make anyone nervous. When you have so many peeps promoting you, saying your the best & is going to be the best performance of the nite, etc. That puts alot of pressure on someone & peeps deal w/stress in their own way, and the fact that she doesn't want to let MTV down after receiving so much praise from them. So Miley went out there & did her thang, I do feel she was trying really hard to make an amazing performance, and in that moment your not really thinking or your over-thinking. But I feel that Miley was being herself, and shes just a over-the-top kinda person that was trying any & everything just to put on a great performance. But whomever is her publicist their genius, because Miley & all this "Twerking" has really made her a big name & I think "any publicity is good publicity". And the nite of the VMA's before Miley even made it to the red carpet her songs had reached #1 on iTunes, then this performance which is now a life of its own. Then leaking the "Twerk" song with 1 of the biggest artist in the world, leaking this song in the mist of her "controversial" performance is a genius marketing plan & its working for Miley, how they have everything tied in w/this whole "Twerking" situation & how 1 dance can be so controversial, IDK. But what I do know is that rather your for her or against Miley it really doesn't matter cause shes making money without really doing anything, literally getting paid to dance & have fun is the best job in the world. And the world needs to chillax, cause white girls have been "Twerking" for the longest & peeps act as if Miley created this shitz, wtf!

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