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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


"Love & Hip Hop" star K. Michelle is finally getting a taste of her own medicine -- at least in the slapping department -- because the IRS just hit her hard.

Uncle Sam has filed a $52,415.09 tax lien against K. -- who famously slapped her co-star MiMi Faust this year -- claiming she didn't muster up enough tax dough in the years 2008 ($47,710.46) and 2009 ($4,704.63).

2008 was a big year for K. -- her singing career took off when she signed with Jive records. In 2009, she released a single with Missy Elliott. Things slowed down afterward, until she signed on for "Love" in 2012.

As the saying goes ... mo' money, mo' problems.

I luv k, I do but I don't like that cray cray alter-ego of hers called; JD short for Jack Daniels (if ur a "L&HHATL" or just a "K. Michelle" fan. Then u would know that Jack is K's favorite drink of chose but its also her worst enemy. Cause wen K drinks she turns into for us thee best entertainment on "L&HH". But is "trouble" as well, cause I'm surprised that all of the fights K has been in I thought that she would have either;  been 2 jail by now, got sued by her victims or have ran into the as Rasheeda says, "the wrongggggg beotch today" & got her azz whooped for laying hands on peeps whenever she feels like it) that fights all the time. And dont get me wrong K. Michelle & I have similar characteristics when it comes to "us doin whatever, the hell ever we want to do when we wanna do it", but I am also a responsible & respectful person. And eventhough, I might know that I "can take that person" I kno better than to raise my hands & get all outta of my emotions. Cause 1st of all a mothafxxker who u dont know should never allow a stranger to get u outside urself, cause i dont give 2 fxxks what any beotch say about me. And Im the only person who can make my emotions run wild. Plus, my mom taught me how to fight w/words & that words should never get u to wanting to fight cause it isnt that serious. Plus, u dont disrespect peeps & get all up in their "comfort zone" unless their all up in urs & ur willing to fight. And "u dont put yo dam hands on nobody, unless they hit u 1st, then u beat they azzez senseless. Then after the fight, u help them off the ground & explain to them why u fxxked them up the way u did". Real OG style!

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