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Thursday, September 19, 2013


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Now if ur a fan of the "RHONJ" then u know thee exact story behind the question im askin. If u dnt know the story or jus havent seen the latest episode. Then make sure u watch the entire episode below: "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey S05E16 The Blonde Drops 
A Bombshell "

Okay, now that u watched the entire episode for free, thanks to me.....lol. Anywho, do u really believe this train wreck named "Penny"? Is she just another wannabe Kim D? "I have some ex's of Penny telling the Truth and/or Lying: Penny could be telling the Truth because: she is close to alot of peeps that Teresa knows, Teresa was acting weird at her "Milania's Hair Care" launch party. It looked as if Tree was trying really hard to show Melissa & her brother (Joe Gorga) that her & Penny were not friends in any kinda way, shape or form. Plus, the entire time that Penny & Melissa was talking, Tree wouldn't leave Pennies side for some old reason. And most of the things that Penny had her hubby tweet, seems like it was being fed to them through some one very close to Joe & Melissa. Even though, I do believe that Teresa wants a fresh start & is putting the past in the past & is now moving on in life. But u can also say that if Tree did put Penny up to those things, that Karma is now catching up to Tree, for ex; Teresa & her hubby, Joe has been indicted by the FEDS & its almost a 99.8% chance that Joe will be going to the slammer sooner than later (which is so freaking sad, and if u haven't noticed yet: I am on Tree's side & I do  not believe Penny at all).
             Penny could also be Lying, because: What grow as wife & husband sits there all day tweeting 4 their "friend", u gotta be a low-life loser/train wreck to allow another grown MF to do ur dirty work for free (or maybe they reward was to be on the show, or maybe they chose to do this their selves just to be on the show). And I'm sry but no matter how mad u r at sum1, I def dnt think Tre would put them up to saying that low-life comment about Nick, the Lauritas son having Autism. Seriously, what human has that must of a cold-heart, def sum1 close to u. 4 real ur a grown man talking about disabled kids, not cool! (Penny & her hubby def paid for their involvement, by getting his azz beat the fxxk up by, u wont believe who........read next blog after this). But the biggest thing about Penny confessing that Tre was behind all this ignorance, is what I believe that Melissa set-up. Because through this whole season of "RHONJ" Tre has def been do in whatever it takes to get her family back & her brother Joe, has been right on board with his sister. But every time Tre & Joe is doing good, Melissa always finds a way to break up their relationship, then she puts it all on Tre because shes jealous of Tre & her brothers relationship. Everyone moved on & became positive this season, but 4 some reason Melissa was thee only 1 that couldn't move on until she states,  "As long as Tre comes clean about setting me up at last yrs Posh party/season finale. And that shes behind the twitter madness. Then we can move on & I can trust her again, but until then I wont trust Tre at all". Well I'm sry, but we all know that when sum1 u love finally comes out & say, "Yes, I did lie to u", it doesn't make u feel better whatsoever. So I truly believe that Melissa felt strongly that Tre set her up & so Melissa wanted revenge. Even though, in 1 instance Melissa says, "we dnt need to know that", but then out of the blue sky Joe & Melissa so "happens to eat at thee same exact restaurant that Penny is dining at" (straight up & down BS, u can tell its a setup how outta nowhere Melissa turns around & looks directly at Penny, then goes & talk to her. GREAT ACTING MELISSA, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK). Any who, that's when Penny "allegedly" confesses to them that Tre put her up to it, and Penny would ask them if they wanted to see Tre's # in her phone? And of course Melissa pretends like they dnt need to see all that & Joe says yes (Melissa knowing dam well that she is the 1 that said she'll trust Tre again only if she confess, but she acts like she doesn't want any info that can help her bury Tre. Get the fxxk outta here, all this is a setup by Melissa to bury Tre on national TV & make her feel how she felt on last season). Then Penny shows Tre's cell & house # so Joe could confirm. But 1st of all n this day in age u can find all types of info on peeps. 2ndly, new jersey is very small, and everybody knows sum body of sum body, so Penny could have gotten Tre's # from any1 including Melissa. Cause I truly feel that Penny is a attention-whore coke head like Kim. D & will do anything 4 airtime. So Melissa setup that meeting behind Joe's back (she always says she loves Joe, so if him & his sister is good, why would u want him to hear sum thin like that. An come between them everytime they forgive each other, ole miserable beotch) & told Penny to pin everything on Tre & make it belivable so Joe will believe it. And thats how I belive it went down, and no matter how hard Teresa trys, Melissa will protend to play along when shes planning Tre's next demise. (Melissa needs to realize that on camera she looks very manipulative, catty & conivving. And she go 1min saying, we dnt need to hear this, to spare my husbands heart & so that I can look like the good guy on tv. Then on the other hand I wnat u to say this info because I want to bury Tre on tv & embarrass her because i hate her guts). Teresa should jus keep her distance from Melissa but dont allow any beotch includin his wife to come between their relationship & family!

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