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Thursday, September 12, 2013


  1. Peel a nigga cap back i got dat on lock. Got my taliban shootaz wit me bruh. Ok
  2. rick ross police ass nigga wire wearig fraud. When i see u bruh. Gonna teach u real nigga shit. I piss on u
  3. Fuck dat bruh i got dat og taliban kush straight from taliban
  4. She wanna swallow but i shot her in the eye instead. Ouch. She yelled. True
  5. I got taliban niggaz ready to chop a nigga tongue off for talking reckless
  6. Waka a hoe his pussy been fucked many times. Check a nigga curriculum vitae
  7. Waka became a lil hoe. He got fucked by trap niggaz in the bing. He got turned out. Literally
  8. Ask guwop niggas dont veto me they just cosign a ngga
  9. Money dont buy u real. U niggs is fraud. Thats right
  10. Nikki i aint have u in hotel at $60 a night ? Room 423 u remember dat i layed it iin u. Ok. Das nothing
  11. B4 or after da money i still break a nigga tlk dat wreckless bruh. Broomstick up ur ass too
  12. The money dont buy real. Im street niga for life till the death of me True. Without the streetz my heart dont beat. 100
  13. These nigga respect the money. I respect the pistol. Thst right. 100
  14. Waka for sale at my dump $2 who want dat? Hoes on sale 2night. Thats easy
  15. Wop had all dese niggas in a vice grip. They no. Only kings understand kings
  16. Rick ross bigger fraud than bernard madof. U claim to be big drug pusher from mia but u nothing but wire wearing c.o. I piss on u ross
  17. Rick ross rap from drug dealer view but he a police Did it ever get worse? See u when i see u Real nigz pull pistol not badges
  18. Rick ross police ass nigga. Staged fake shootingn of himself Ask D.A police ass nigga. Dats a hoe right ther
  19. Nothing stronger than the taliban terrorist kush
  20. waka is a hoe, many niggas skeeted in his pussy
  21. i got dat kush straight from taliban... they call it camatoast over dere
  22. Just whippin in the range rovie
  23. Where all my niggaz at??
  24. This is Gucci Mane's publicist tweeting, he thanks you for all the support!
  25. Retweet follow i need more real niggaz and females
  26. Choke a motha fuckin hoe nigga till his eyes pop out, broomstick up the ass i'll terrorize a nigga that tries to cross me
  27. Blowin kush in the range rovie

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