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Thursday, October 10, 2013

MTV's latest reality sensation, "Big Tips Texas," which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET

Take 10 women in short shorts and tight tops, mix in a mad nightly scramble for tips, relationship drama, plenty of liquor and a work environment that's part-Ringling Bros. and part-"Jersey Shore" and you have the makings of the next must-see TV series.

"Redneck Heaven is like walking into a circus," explains Typhani, one of the stars of MTV's latest reality sensation, "Big Tips Texas," which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET. Take it from the veteran, when it comes to bringing home the big tips, it takes more than just pouring a shot and serving up a smile to make it these days as a cocktail waitress. "The girls are hula-hooping and the girls are riding bikes and the girls are yelling and there are minnow bombs and there are bells ringing. It's not just walk in, sit down, eat your food. It's an entertainment.organ gets into it with fellow short-short-wearing waitress Amber.Put it this way, the phrase "trashy ass bitch" is invoked and someone is ordered to get take off their "ghetto ass hoops" as new girl Morgan faces off against queen bee Amber during a boozy night off. "She's very out there,
and you're either gonna love her or you're gonna hate her," Morgan said of her

"Redneck" than non-stop whooping, butt slapping and the constant trash-talking between Amber and Morgan. Okay, there is a lot of the latter, but you'll get to see Morgan tending to her horses and practicing barrel racing and sailor-mouthed Typhani hosting a bikinis-only pool party and bragging about her late-night romps.

You'll also get a look at Harvard law hopeful Sabrina hanging with her "very hood" family, including her former gang-banging mom and find out what a real "Amber alert" is all about. Hint: you don't want to hear one.

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