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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NY Couple Jumps In Front Of Speeding Train!


“Two great people are going to paradise.” – Ariana O’Neal (suicide note) Real life Romeo and Juliet, or just a deranged couple with no sense of responsibility? On Monday, July 29, 2013 @ 10:15pm, a Queens, NY couple jumped in front of a speeding train en route New York Penn Station because their love was forbidden by the woman’s mother. According to New York Post:A despondent young couple, under pressure to break off their romance, instead chose suicide in front of a speeding LIRR train — leaving behind a multipage note that said they were going to a better place, sources told The Post yesterday. “Two great people” are going to “paradise,” they wrote in a blue stenographer’s pad that was found on the Hollis, Queens, platform after their death leap Monday night. “Everything will be good,” the note said. Davon Smallwood, 25, and Ariana O’Neal, 21 — whose mother disapproved of their relationship— lived in Queens Village with their 2-year-old daughter. In addition to the note, the tragic couple also left behind a black garbage bag stuffed with clothing, a bottle of Gorgi vodka and a can of Coca-Cola. The young lovers had no IDs, and cops had to run their fingerprints to get their names. Most of their suicide note was in “illegible gibberish,” the sources said. If you visit Ariana O’Neal’s Facebook, she makes some odd references to hate, devil and war:

Is suicide ever okay? And can you tell the signs of a suicidal teen or adult?

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