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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sooooooo purrrrrty: Rihanna Shows Off Her Bangin’ Body In Greece..................

Rihanna bikini pics in Greece

Need some wintertime fitness motivation?  Rihanna’s giving it to us this morning!

Over the past week, she’s been taking her fans through a photographic journey as she posted hot photos from her global excursion. There’s photos with lions, tigers & bears oh my lol,  in Africa and gorgeous shots from a stop in Israel, but her trip to Greece produced the hottest shots of them all. In between modeling her new, upcoming River Island collection (which is the last of her four lines with the British retailer), she bathed by a pool in a black bikini while occasionally using a pole as her prop.

A black kini never looked so good.

Catch the shots below:

Rihanna hot bikini pics
Rihanna swimsuit hot Rihanna bikini pics Rihanna bikini body

Other favs from the batch:

Rihanna River Island 2013 13
luv, luv, luv 
Rihanna River Island 2013 9

Rihanna River Island 2013 8
Rihanna Israel Photo Shoot 2
Rihanna Greece Photo Shoot

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