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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Video] Trey Songz Arrives At Courthouse For Chris Brown Arraignment!

Trey Songz arrives at DC Courthouse for Arraignment

Trey Songz has Breezy’s back.

This afternoon, he was spotted walking into a DC courthouse with Chris Brown’s mother Joyce in support of Chris, who is facing charges of felony assault for allegedly punching a man outside of his hotel this past weekend in DC.  Trey caused a bit of mayhem as he arrived, and the courtroom was said to have been overpacked with people who showed up hours before the arraignment to get a seat.

According to WUSA9 reporter Bruce Leshan’s live updates:

At least 6 in @chrisbrown family can’t enter. Courtroom too full. @wusa9
Lawyer for @chrisbrown bodyguard says could be 5:30 before judge calls case. @wusa9
Members of@chrisbrown entourage argue loudly w cops after ordered back into hall. @wusa9
@TreySongz yells at US Marshals @chrisbrown courtroom. Demands entry. @wusa9
@chrisbrown Judge asks for bigger courtroom for overflow crowd. @wusa9
@chrisbrown lawyer intervenes with marshals to get family in courtroom. @wusa9 @TreySongz
Extra marshals flood hallway @chrisbrown hearing after loud argument w @TreySongz and family. @wusa9
Marshals arrange special escort for @chrisbrown and family if he gets out. Reporters complain special treatment. @wusa9
@chrisbrown SUVs stationed on C St outside courthouse, hoping to take him home. @wusa9
@chrisbrown lawyer meeting w his mom in side room. Lawyer sez no idea when hearing will start. @wusa9
Court source says @chrisbrown almost certain to be released after hearing, even if charges continue. @wusa9
Peep Trey Songz arriving to the courthouse below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.19.29 PM


Chris was originally scheduled to arrive at 3pm.

Meanwhile, since this weekend, the account of what happened outside of Chris’ hotel on Saturday night has been chopped and screwed. It was originally reported that he grew angry after a man jumped into a photo he was taking with two female fans, and as a result he hurled a gay slur and punched the guy. His reps are now saying that the scuffle happened after the guy and the two girls were trying to get on his tour bus.

Also, according to TMZ, the original police report stated that it was Chris’ bodyguard who threw the punch that broke the man’s nose, and was later edited to show that Chris was the one who threw the first punch.

Update: Bruce Leshan also tweeted:
@chrisbrown police report has brown and bodyguard confused. @wusa9

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.49.52 PM

All of these discrepancies may end up working to Chris’ advantage.

Stay tuned.

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