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Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Does She Sound? Tatyana Ali Performs New Song “Wait For It” On Arsenio And Gets Mixed Reviews.

Tatyana Ali on Arsenio
This week the beautiful Tatyana Ali performed her new song “Wait For It” on The Arsenio Hall Show and she was ready to step back into the music scene. What I remember of her singing back in the day were the few times she would try and step out and sing as Ashley Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (remember “Make Up Your Mind“?). But as she reminded me and told Hall, she put out a few singles as a teenager, but this time around, at 35, she’s coming out with a sound all of her own and a new confidence:
“The last time I put music out I was 17 years old, it was a long time ago, my single was ‘Daydreamin’ and ‘Kiss The Sky’ so it’s been a really long time since I’ve done anything musically, but it’s also for the first time, I feel like I’m really able to be myself. So I’m also kinda saying hello to myself. On the EP cover, I’m facing myself its kind a reflection mirror image. The EP is five songs I put it put myself, totally independent independent not independent label independent, its like an introduction.”
She performed the song, which sounded like something reminiscent of an ’80s dance track, and danced around in a very unique costume with bows and glitter and cut-outs and everything. She looked great, but how did she sound?
Well, the reaction was kind of mixed. Some fans thought she did a great job and both looked and sounded good:
I love it! Let’s bring happy music back! I also admire the fact that she is creating her own lane and not trying to follow in path of most new artist today. Which are only a copy of the last.
I love this! she’s awesome. I still rock her first album every so often lol
Took me back to Tina Marie in the 80′s to 90′s. That’s a good thing.
For others, her vocals were a little too flat and it kind of made it hard to appreciate the performance:
She needs voice lessons…breath issues, power issues
The song sounds unfinished and Tatyana’s voice sounded flat, especially at the beginning. Maybe this just isn’t the right song for her or she had a sore throat. It’s all good. I love Tatyana and what she stands for.
I love her but that was terrible. Maybe the studio magic might spice it up a little. Till then ill wait for it.
Yeah…that was mediocre
I thought it wasn’t too bad, but there were some flat moments early in the performance. Once she warmed up, things fell into place. But what do you think? Check out the performance for yourself and share your thoughts.


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