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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Malaysia Pargo Reveals Husband’s Infidelity In ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Super Trailer!

Malaysia Pargo

Last week VH1 released a teaser for the new season of “Basketball Wives LA,” which offered us a tiny glimpse at what we can expect in the coming weeks. The network has since debuted a super trailer and it looks like things are going to get very interesting.
The previous trailer highlighted Draya learning that her boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, had some sort of romantic involvement with co-star Jackie Christie’s daughter, Chantel. But this new super trailer offers a bit more insight into the scandalous “love triangle.” Instead of simply taking Chantel’s word, Draya and Orlando can be seen confronting Chantel and Jackie. The preview obviously doesn’t reveal how their little pow wow ends, but if we had to take a guess, we’d say that it more than likely ended on a messy note.
And speaking of messy, Malaysia revealed that her husband, Jannero Pargo, had been unfaithful in the past. It’s unclear whether or not Jannero had been unfaithful during their courtship or after they were already married, but I suppose we’ll have to tune in to get that whole story. While Malaysia seems to have dealt with her husband’s infidelity and it appears that the couple has worked past it and moved on, Draya seemed shocked and a little heartbroken by the news.
“Oh no,” Draya said. “If he [Orlando] cheats on me, that would really hurt me.”
The new season doesn’t appear to be short on drama, as Jackie Christie is still up to her same old tricks, stirring the pot and starting trouble. There’s also a lot of tension between the old cast members and the show’s new additions. You can check out the super trailer on the next page, but first, meet the new cast members.
Brandi Maxiell: “Wife of player Jason Maxiell, comes to the group through one of her best girlfriends, Malaysia Pargo. Brandi and her husband have moved their young family to Los Angeles in hopes of conceiving a second child. After recovering from ovarian cancer several years ago, Brandi is desperate for baby #2 and weary of her ticking time clock.”
Sundy Carter: “A long-time friend of Jackie, starts stirring up trouble from the moment she is introduced to the group. Suffering from one scandal after another, Sundy wishes she could keep her private life private. Unfortunately for her, the secrets just don’t stop coming and her consistent support of Jackie lands her in hot water on more than one occasion.”
Brittish Williams: “Engaged to oversees basketball superstar, Lorenzo Gordon, Brittish is establishing herself in LA as a businesswoman and a future basketball wife. But this sassy shoe designer can’t seem to stay out of the drama and makes enemies faster than she does friends.”

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