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Friday, February 21, 2014

Shots Fired At Kordell While The Braxton Sisters Are On Bethenny Discussing The Family’s Business! [Video]

Towanda Braxton isn’t having her sister Tamar’s mouth as much as she used too. 

I can understand where both of them r comin from & they both have valid points. For 

instance, Pro's 4 Towanda's side: I totally get how any1 can b ova Tamar's shady azz

 comments all the dam time (which rite b4 Tae throws u a "whole palmtree", she says 

"no shade", followed by actual shade lol). Like R. Kelly once sang, "When a woman's

 fed up, it ain't nothing u can do about it". And I def get that Towanda is ova bein 

disrespected by Tae all the time. Now the Cons: I believe that Towanda should be like 

the other sisters & realize Tae is who she is, plus Towanda is older & maturer & 

should act like it. And everyone knows that Tae doesn't own up 2 anything & never 

apologizes, so wen Tae put her pride 2 the side & genuinely and sincerely apologized.

While crying & pleading 4 Towandas forgiveness, To was a complete evil beotch 2 Tae

 & I think that was totally UN-called for & it showed that its a bigger underlining grudge

 that To is holding on too and what Tae is always begging 2 find out the true "Beef". 

On the other hand I truly believe that when sum1 is holding a grudge against u & Ur 

asking constantly "Whats the problem"? And that person cant tell u exactly where there rage is coming from, its down right JEALOUSY! Yes, Tae gets out of line w/the entire fam & not just w/Towanda. Yes Tamar is: Crazy, Spoiled, the Youngest sibling, Sensitive, Shady, etc. But all she wish 2 have is her sisters there 2 support her like they do Toni. But Tow punishing Tae cause of the same mouth that all the Braxtons admitted 2 creating. Yes, at a certain point wen Ur tired of sum1 disrespecting u all the time, u stop dealing w/them, but u cant get rid of family. And b4 they all became famous & b4 all the; egos, diva personalities, fame, success, etc. They were able 2 hangout, vacay 2gether & support each other physically. But now that every1 has their own success, its harder 2 b there physically & that's what Tae needs 2 stop blaming them 4 something they cant control & that Tae needs 2 stop being so dam spoiled, but it does seem like the girls support each other, but they couldn't call Tamar & congrats her on her #1album? And at the "Soul Train Awards" once again Tow couldn't give Tae that day at all cause she decides 2 do an interview w/Gossip Queen Wendy Williams Show, and says "well I luve my sister, but I just don't like her at all" (she wasn't talking about Toni, not dumb Tow & even her sisters said Tow was out of line), but as soon as Tamar won those awards "Sister Spotlight Soaker" aka Towanda was the 1st one given her a fake azz hug. I truly believe that Tow is just alittle jealous of her baby sister, Tamars super stardom & Tow is mad that shes thee only sister 

that's not doing anything productive w/her fame. I mean besides being famous from 

the Braxtons hit reality show (and dating Kordell Stewart, ex- NFLer & ex-hubby 2 

Porscha Stewart from the "Real Housewives of ATL. Which Porscha says shes 

happy 4 them, plus why should she care,when shes preggos by a misturae guy). 

Trina has a singing career as well as her company "Bar Girls", Toni has reinvented 

her super stardom since she started humping & put out a hit album w/BabyFace. 

Even Traci (the once Wannabe) has an album coming out (supposedly, which I cant 

imagine how that would even sale, even though her 1st single sounds good. I just 

don't think Traci will take this serious enough & who the hell will buy that album no 

matter how good it sounds. She'll get sum pity sells from fans of The Braxtons & 

that's it, sorry its the truth.), as well as her own radio show.  And of course the biggest 

star in the fam now is Tamar, with her: #1hit album (which is still n the top 10mons 

later), her 3 "Soul Train Awards", a Grammy nom, hit videos, 3 #1 hit shows: "The 

Braxtons", "Tamar & Vince" & "The Talk", plus her multiple tours that shes on now, 

SHE being Tamar is doin the dam thang rite now. And instead of Tamar being stressed out over whos supporting her or not, they obviously dnt matter. Tae need 2 pay more attention 2 the peeps that r supporting her  & all of her dreams & accomplishments that shes made reality. We all got haters & you'll b surpised 2 find out that ur family was sum of ur biggest haters. It hurts but its life, I always say 2 peeps that hate on me & do sneaky, evil shit behind my back that is suppose 2 b detrimental 2 my livelyhood. After so many times in my life that Ive found out that the peeps that were suppose2b my biggest supporters, turned out 2b thee biggest haters. Being over the stress & tryin so hard 2 understand sumthin that was neva meant 4 me 2 find the answer. I seek within myself & thought, u know what? "Im now ok w/being those jealous ones & haters outlet, obviously 4 them 2 want such misery 4 another stranger whom u automatically hated because of their looks. Just shows that ur miserable & is goin through a troublesome time n ur life, or ur so insecure. That on the outside u pretend 2 hate me, but internally u see sumthin within me that u lack & wish 2 posses. But all the time that ur wasting on putting me down, I actually had been gaining more & more of the thing u lack, while u could bein workin on u & I culda been teaching u how 2b like me, but u gotta learn the hard way. And even though u try ur best 2 break me down, I actually owe u 4 helping me build even more strength & character, which ur getting worst (because us as people tend 2 worry 2 much on what others r lack in wen we could b working on ourselves. But because u helped me, I'll return the favor by holding the mirror up for you!

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