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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SO SAD: Kim Kardashian Is Sick Of Being The Butt Of All The Fat Jokes, She Even Cried!!

Kim Kardashian Shops In A Very Slimming Black Dress. You Can Hardly Tell She's Pregnant.

It's obvious that when women get pregnant they gain weight, and just because Kim Kardashian is a celeb that doesn't mean that she gets a pass to what mother nature has in store.
Unfortunately for the reality star, while she's put on 65 pounds during her pregnancy, a lot of HATERS have been taking to social media sites — particularly her Twitter to tell her that she is one hefty woman.
The only problem with this is that Kimmy isn't fat, she's having a child, so of course her kurves were bound to get bigger.
With that said, Miz Kardashian has had enough of the criticism and is fighting back.
She said:
“People can be so mean. It’s not cool and it’s not fair. People are saying, ‘you’re so fat!’ I’m like, dude, I’m pregnant! Social media gives people the guts to say mean things.”
And to top off that craziness, Kim already thinks that Kanye West is going to cheat on her because of her weight, so the last thing she needs is everyone and their mom talking mess about her pregnant figure.
According to a source, Kimberly has even been crying over this whole ordeal, and while it's apparent that she has tough skin, having people constantly talk about your weight is never fun.

Kim Kardashian Shops In A Very Slimming Black Dress. You Can Hardly Tell She's Pregnant.

I love that necklace + Kim looks pretty darn good to have gained over 65 pounds. But is that normal to gain so much weight in so little time, I mean she's only 4months preggos. Lets put it this way shes not due for a while & if Kim keeps going at this rate shes either having sextuplets & her and Kanye will be the next "Kate + 8". Or her baby is coming outta her at a whooping 12lbs or bigger. This might sound harsh but I kinda glad that Kim Kardashian is gaining alot of weight during this pregnancy because this once was a woman whom stated that "She does not want to get preggos because she doesnt want to not be able to wear the clothes that she wants to wear". In so many words, "Im a very very vain & shallow beotch that is so conceited that I dont wanna bring a baby into this world cause Im to worried that it could damage my superficial image that Im made for myself all these years. As if the sex tape was no wear near daunting towards her Image at all, lol. So now that she is gaining alot of weight rapidly she can now realize how goddamn: Vain, Superficial, conceited, cocky, narcissistic, thinking shes better then others. Now she can see that its more important things in life instead of clothes, but thats definitely "Rich People Problems". Maybe if she was worried about: how shes gonna come up with the rent for this month, how to gain some quick cash without breaking the law, how to try not to end up homeless do to jealous relatives, how to kick ur job because of catty females whom hates you because of how u look. How to make it through life without a mother, father, siblings, boyfriend/hubby, friends, or family & all u have is urself & trying to make it "big" & take care of  for those same peeps whom doesnt have ur back, on why everytime u take 3 steps forward & get throw back into the dark hole & having to start from the bottom again, etc. And I can tell u that I promise that when i do make it "big" I def wont be havin any "yes men" in my entourage, instead ill have real motherf-ers that will kick my azz back down to earth. So hopefully this pregnancy opens Kim Kardashian eyes to a whole new world instead of worrying about who gives a shitz about being on the worst dress list, and getting peeps to stop blaming her BF Kanye West for dressing her. And if you enjoy watching "Kourtney & Kim takes Miami" every Sunday like I do no matter how much Kim gets on my nerves sometimes its still entertaining (Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc), we all know that Kim is narcissistic but this last episode that came on Sunday took the freaking cake (if u havent seen it I have the episode down below). Kim irritated not just me but her sisters & Johnathan by being the most superficial person every & 2 vain peeps (both Kim & Kanye, which looks like Kim has a BF/Gay BFF all mixed into one. Besides fashion being Kanye's life his gay side is the rants & temper tantrums he throws, ex: being mad at Justin Timberlake 4 going on tour w/his BFF Jay-Z is totally gay. JT is taking my bestie Jay-Z away from me & I wont allow it, whining like a beotch all the time, Geesh! they def wont last long after the baby pops up, def if Kim is still married to Kris Humphries at the time of birth meaning Kris will have to sign on as the father in the state of California, I know thats some cray shitz). Anywho, I wonder will her baby come out looking like: Kanye West, Kris Humphries, both of them or all of her exes & ex-husbands lol jk:) 

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