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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WOWSIER: At Home With Leah Calvert And Her New Baby Girl [Video]

Leah Calvert may not have planned for another baby so soon after marrying for a second time, but make no mistake, she and her husband Jeremy consider their new daughter, Adalynn, a blessing from above. Born Feb. 4 via emergency C-section, Addy, as Leah calls her, is adjusting perfectly to life at home in West Virginia with her big sisters, Ali and Aleeah. "The girls are so cute with Adalynn," she says in our exclusive online video below, which includes some incredibly sweet mother-daughter moments. "They love her."

Leah also talks about the joys of having a newborn around, despite the fact that Addy's father is working out of town six days a week. "It does take an emotional toll on me, because I just want my husband with me all the time," she says of Jeremy's absence. "But I know he loves his career, and I wouldn't want to take that from him."
It's been a long, uphill road for Leah and her fellow teen moms, but the mother of three finally feels the pieces coming together. A secure family unit is all she had ever hoped for since appearing on "16 and Pregnant" back in 2010, and though she suffered much heartbreak along her personal journey, Leah has undoubtedly arrived at a place of peace. Just one look at her cradling her darling Addy, and you'll see it's true. Check it out, and make sure to tune in for a new episode of "Teen Mom 2" tonight at 10/9c

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