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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do You Love K.Michelle’s “I Just Wanna F—” Video?

K.Michelle may want to be a mix between Fergie and Jesus, but she’s coasting the hell out of her own lane. Besides, Jesus is probably not co-signing the F bomb anytime soon so it’s best she stick to doing her.
There’s really no denying that the chick has pipes for days. Monday night ratchetness aside (she refers to herself as ratchet in her Rebellious Soul trailer) music has always been K.Michelle’s first love. “I Just Wanna F—” is the first video from her upcoming debut Rebellious Soul. As it’s provocative title suggests, this soulful southern singer isn’t looking for love. “I’m not ready to open that door/I just want you to drop your pants to the floor,” she sings. Because the lyrics say it all the concept is minimalist. K sits pretty in white at the piano composing music. When she takes a break to wander over to the window there’s a cutie in another building that gets her all hot and bothered.
The video is sensual, but not oozing sex. It fits the song without nearing raunchy. While K.Michelle and her boy toy for the night are both something to look at, it’s her voice that leave s you in awe. At BB Kings K.Michelle held it down vocally so there’s no surprise she sounds amazing. But who expected a song about sexing with no strings attached to sound so polished? We want to see K.Michelle win and it looks like she’s off to a good start. 

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