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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jen The Pen Doesn’t Worry About Love And Hip Hop Casting Rumors!


When one chapter of Love And Hip Hop closes, another begins, but that doesn’t stop fans and gossipmongers from speculating on the status of certain cast members. Days after we sawConsequence snuff Joe Budden and reminded us that “Rudolph don’t run my crib” on the epic, two-part Love And Hip Hop reunion, reports have surfaced that the rapper and his leading lady, Jen The Pen, won’t be returning.
Leading the pack is blogger Funky Dineva, thanks to an item that claims Jen and Cons won’t be back in Season Four, and that Atlanta regular K. Michelle will be joining Team New York. “I’ve learned along the way that all press is GOOD press,” Jen told VH1 on Tuesday. “I don’t believe in bad press so I would like to personally thank Funky Dineva for spreading those rumors that have spread all over the Blogosphere. Rumors like that just mean we must be doing something right. One thing I know for sure, that is indeed a fact, is that VH1 execs seem to be Jen the Pen fans and I look forward to hosting my first Spreecast for the site.” More on that to come…

Reps from VH1 and Monami Entertainment declined to comment on casting for Love And Hip Hop at this time.


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