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Saturday, April 20, 2013


(#WANTED/#MARATHONBOMBING is Trending WORLDWIDE on Twitter RITE NOW > Its time for America 2 find this last suspect. Thanks 2 the great Americans that the suspect pics were put up on TV by the FBI jus yeterday. And within 24hrs, exactly at 3-4am thanks 2 helpful Americans. That the police were Tipped-off about the whereabouts of the suspects, low & behold 1 suspect engaged in a gunfight with the police & we know who won the battle. But the other susect #2 as we call him is still at LARGE. And we need 2 get him off the streets jus like suspect #1, so America lets ban together 1 more time & HELP FIND THIS TERRORIST, Suspect #2> America is coming together & that's why I love 2 say I am a Proud American. Because at tragic times we unite as 1 to protect each other & our own People. O.S. But dont this dude look like Adam Lanza you the the idiot that killed over 27 kids & adults in the Newtown School Shootings. Jus saying!)

: Suspect identified as 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of Cambridge. Suspect considered armed & dangerous.

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