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Monday, April 22, 2013

Star Spotting: Rihanna's Best Accessory Is... A Baby? (PHOTOS)

Rihanna lounges poolside as she cradles her new man: an adorable toddler!

Rihanna looks totally at home with that baby-toddler. Just sayin'!
We're generally used to seeing Rihanna with a distinct set of accessories, namely thigh-high Prada bootsgiant Audrey Hepburn pearlsfur headdresses, and most important,backwards basketball caps and ten thousand Chanel pins. But what brand-new accessory accentuates the "Pour It Up" singer's best features? Oh, just a A BABY!!! Actually, we're pretty sure this kid is a toddler, but who's counting?
Check out more photos of Rihanna cuddling a baby after the jump.
And no, this post ISN'T directly about Rihanna's unspeakably special bikini body (So special in fact, that we're starting a green-only juice cleanse. WHO'S WITH US?!), but it's about how at happy she looks cuddling an adorable tot while lounging poolside in Miami! Rihanna took to Instagram to unveil her latest beau who, surprisingly, doesn't look as into Rihanna as most men would be. Rihanna captioned: "Playin hard to get, but he loves me!" Honestly, HOW great is this kid gonna feel in 15 years when he turns 18?? He's a straight up player even before grade school. Epic!

Rihanna lounges poolside as she cradles her new man: an adorable toddler!

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