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Saturday, May 11, 2013

DAMN SON! JoJo Simmons Gets YANKED UP By Juelz Santana's Crew Over A Diss Track...JoJo Speaks Out About His "Snatched" Pic Ending Up On Twitter!

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In the "Did you really have to do this ish?" news of the day, JoJo Simmons is speaking out about how and why he got snatched up by a member of Juelz Santana's crew. And his SNATCHING was caught on camera and blasted on Instagram.

 The pic of the shook up JoJo and what the fight that has gone from interview beef to JoJo getting paws put on him in the streets inside...

Is it just us, or is JoJo (Russell Simmons' nephew & Rev. Run's son) constantly catching L's?  First he tries his damnedest to embark on a rap career and his little brother out shined him, then he gets caught up with a transsexual, and now, he gets snatched up on the streets by another rapper.

A while ago, JoJo released a diss track called "Holy Water" (But...WHY JoJo?) going in on Juelz Santana for his verse on his song "Soft."  Jo said ont he track (listen 2 tha song below):
“Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / Then disrespect his nephew / The industry forgot you / Fucker, you nothing special/ These niggas hate to love you / Simmons will not let you / Compare your money to my money, boy that’s disrespectful.”

So the other day, one of Juelz's Skull Gang (Bloods gang) homies, Hynief, rolled up on JoJo in Queens and snatched him up in the middle of the street and made him call Juelz to apologize. Hence, the pic of a shook up JoJo above. Hynief said (check-out his video below):
Guess who I caught y'all Lil punk ass Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn't pop shit if u not bout that life real niggas don't care who u related too fuck nigga
First off 2 everybody hating u can suck my dick 2nd I could of did the boy greasy I let him live its the principles don't run ya fuck'n mouth

But...y'all are really mad over a JoJo "diss"?  Really?  REALLY?  Enough to really physically put hands on him? Boredom and the internet do NOT mix.

There must be something else you fellas could be doing with your time...like Juelz actually being there for his baby mama Kimbella instead of her crying constantly on "Love & Hip Hop" about his trifling ways.

Anywho, JoJo has now spoken out about the incident today in a video... with goons behind him bucking his head up while he "explained" the situation and tried to act as hard as possible. 

Don't feel like this was necessary either.  While one of his goons screamed out JoJo "rolls with the Blue Umbrellas (Crips)", JoJo said he's not with all the violence.  He said he's been around money all his life, so all he does is "count money & f*ck b*tches."  Oh?

JoJo decided to keep up the foolery by posting on his Twitter today:
I was at a video shoot. I answered a question in an interview....
It was An interview at a video shoot. Didn't even wana answer the question. Especially with all those people behind me.Interview was random. And spur of the moment. #Notplanned 
I don't really speak on the situation because I don't want to shed light on the negativity....I'm not in a gang nor am I affiliated...media outlets can mix up words and stories. I made a diss record and dealt with the consequences. #MovingOn
Ok, my 2 Cent$: 1st of all if u makin $$ u aint got time 2 b giving out commands or orders 2 yo goons, 2 ride around huge azz NYC 2 find a soft azz person like JoJo. 2nd, ur a bully when u pick on someone that isnt ur dam size, 3rd the Simmons family can buy Juelz entire family, DipSet & his unborn kids with Kimbella. 4th, real men dnt stoop down 2 kids levels & starts unnecessary trouble w/a kid. Juelz & his "Skull Gang Peeps" or whoever they are, boo boo this whole BS makes it look like yall took a L instead of JoJo, yall can pick a fight with a; soft azz, young azz, rich kid but cant fight ur real battles (4 instance the whole Jay-Z beef back in the day, Juelz would have never & would never send his "bitch azz, weak azz goons" to see Jay. Why come? Because Juelz know f-ing better than to f**k w/a real nigga/boss like Jay-Z. But u can really sit there in the middle of the day instead of working & call up yo (high yellow azz goon, nigga so bright I cant even take him serious) weak azz goon to drive all the way to queens to find someone & make them call you up & apologize to u while dude instagraming the pics. 1st of all, Im not a thug but im from the hood & every real beotch in the hood know that real G's move in silence, so putting up the pics of u; a big azz bright lite azz nig yanking up a suburan rich kids. Doing that is the least way to get peeps 2 fear u, fo real & putting that shitz up on instagram is dry snitching, I thought! And anybody can see that JoJo, no matter what she says or do he will never be a street nig no matter how hard he try. From getting arrested for weed, making diss songs, etc. Anybody can tell that JoJo is just a little azz rich boy who is growing up & trying so hard to fit in this hip hop world, he obviously havent grown into his own yet & thats what growing up is all about. He's a great kid thats trying to fit in & whom doesnt yet understand that being rich is a good thing. Its nothing to be ashamed of, now being a drug dealer, thug, criminal are all bad things that u should be embarrassed of. But JoJo is constantly going to f-up until he finds whom he really is as a man, but that doesnt mean u put hands on him for a f-ing dum azz diss song. Its called Hip Hop peeps, how many times have nigs disrespected each other in the name of hip hop through their words? 100's but they dnt come to violence & Juelz have been in many altercations & beef but that didnt mean that he called up the wannabe goons to go put hands on every rapper whom mentioned his name in songs. And while he's so worried about what the dangerous JoJo Simmons is going to do next, he couldve been talking on the phone to his children or BM Kimbella, instead of worrying about poor little lost JoJo. But like JoJo said, "Im not about the violence, all I do is count $$$ and f**k beotches", as he should. So while Juelz ordering hits out on the weaklings, he need to concentrate on being a better father to his youngins instead of worrying about someone elses. He better hope that Daddy Rev Run, mommie Justine Simmons, sisters Angela & Vanessa, brother Diggy, Auntie Kimora & Uncle Russell Simmons dnt band the entire Dipset crew from NYC!

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