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Friday, May 31, 2013


Caroline Knows what Joe's Going Through
Caroline is willing to talk to Teresa for Joe's sake.

I love Rosie, she keeps it sooooooooooo Real!

I so cannot wait for this season to come on, it gives me a reason to not just watch but to actually be excited to watch. And eventhough, (Creator Andy Cohen) their genius to not jus have 1 season of the "RH" franchise on but 2 or more seasons going at once which I think is genius if ur a huge fan like my mom & I. But to be honest all we have from Bravo thats good on TV rite now is:"Dnt b Tardy 4 tha Wedding" (which is okay to watch when its nothing else on TV, then I enjoy watching it but its not like I love it so much that I remember what days it comes on), "Married 2 Medicine" (which the 1st season has jus ended days ago & that I freaking miss already. this show is my replacement until the "RHOATL" comeback on, thats my fav season out of all the "RH" franchise period, point-blank) & "Real Housewives of Orange County" (which I have to admit is boring, eventhough I love the show I jus cant wait to have both of the "RHOOC & RHONJ" on at the same dam time, that way I will have my "RH" fix. cause this season of "RHOOC" isnt cutting it by itself).

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