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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Did Porsha Stewart cheat on Kordell?

Porsha Stewart

There are whispers that Porsha Stewart may have been cheating on her estranged husband Kordell Stewart while they were still together.
RadarOnline.com reports that rumors of Porsha having an affair with a producer named Ralo Wonder while she was still with Kordell. Here’s where things get juicy: Ralo is engaged to a woman named Crystal “Mochahantas” Barnes, who will supposedly be joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” next season. No official announcement on the casting has been made at this time, but this would mean that Porsha and Crystal would be working very closely together.
If the gossip is to be believed, this adds another dimension to Kordell’s sudden decision to file for divorce earlier this year. Porsha has yet to speak on the rumors, but a source close to Crystal claims that none of it is true.
“It’s a total lie,” the source told Radar Online. “It’s more than likely that someone just made it up for the show.”
Not only is Crystal planning her wedding with Ralo, but the couple is actually getting ready to welcome their first child together. “Ralo and Crystal have been together for a while and they’re happy and getting ready to get married,” the source continues. “This whole thing is just made up.”
Whether or not someone attached to production is just stirring up some pre-season drama remains to be seen, but Crystal and Ralo are supposedly taking the rumors in stride.
“They’re happy,” the insider insisted. “With the show coming up and everything, they’re just taking it day by day. But they’re excited and we’re all excited to see Crystal on TV soon.”

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