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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kim Zolciak Disputes The Cheating Rumours About Kroy Biermann!

Kroy Biermann Kim Zolciak Twitter Photo 450x603
Kim Zolciak’s mother may not be the only fame-seeking person trying to get some of the Bravo reality star’s shine.
News broke today that Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann allegedly had an affair with former Indiana Pacers NBA dancer Elizabeth Seward before Biermann and Zolciak tied the knot in 2011.
The alleged affair happened over a year before Biermann and Zolciak got married, which makes it seem like Seward is seeking publicity. Seward told InTouch that her and Biermann began seeing each other in Januarry 2010 and after months of telling her he loved her, flying her out to Atlanta and all the other things “boyfriends” do he managed to make a 50-yard dash away from her and dance into the heart of Zolciak.
A source who is apparently close to Zolciak released a statement saying, “This woman is trying to wreck her happy home life. It wasn’t betrayal. It was just the normal thing that happens when someone is dating and finally falls for someone. The other people get left behind and sometimes they get hurt.”
Zolciak on the other hand tweeted out much lighter feelings on the subject, “Another day another stupid story. Meanwhile my husband and I sit back and laugh,” the reality star tweeted.
It happens all the time where a former fling of a celebrity comes out of the woodwork just as things are on the up and up for the celeb. It’s a good thing that despite all of the drama Zolciak has faced during the last few years with the Real Housewives of Atlanta and her mother suing her that she can laugh this one off.

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