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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Miguel clarifies controversial ‘Black people’ comments......................


Though he’s gotten a fair share of negative feedback, Miguel isn’t backing down from comments he made earlier about Black folks being judgmental.
Miguel did attempt to clarify his statements a bit, though, by emphasizing that in context, his words weren’t as prejudiced as some out-of-context references made it seem.
“Everyone is judgmental,” he reiterated while talking to DJs at BBC Radio in the UK. “We’re all judgmental because we’re human. We only live our reality, so we don’t understand everything.”
Miguel upset members of the Black community earlier this week when he tweeted that Blacks are the most judgmental people. Many took issue with the apparent sweeping generalization.
Though he’s gotten negative (and positive) reactions to the controversial statements, Miguel didn’t backpedal. Although he clarified that he wasn’t only speaking about Blacks, he did stand by his original statement.
“I see more Black people tearing down other Black people than I see any other culture tearing down their own culture, no matter what they’re doing,” he said specifically mentioning blogs. “We’re tearing each other down.”
Despite the naysayers, Miguel said he felt an obligation to speak his mind and broach the subject.
“It’s so easy to hide behind your influence and use it for personal gain. It really takes a bit of backbone to speak your mind on the issues that really bother you. That was the intention,” he said. “I’ll be the artist and the man who will stand by his opinion, express his opinion and be open and honest with people.”
Watch more from Miguel below:

Watch a clip from Jamie’s 2012 interview with Miguel below:

Do you agree with Miguel at all? Are Blacks too judgmental of one another as a whole? 

My 2$: I say the same dam thing that Miguel says all the time, just because of experience def in the industry that I work in. I have been working in the Food & Beverage Industry as an server for many yrs now & I can honestly say as an African-American that I ABSOLUTELY HATE WAITING ON AFRICAN AMERICANS; I prefer to serve a Caucasian person in a hot second b4 I serve a black person and it is so so sad that I feel that way, but its the truth. I can serve a table full of black people & their gonna; run me raggedy, bitch at me, hella rude/disrespectful 4 no reason, trying 2 scheme & see what they can get 4 free or even try 2 walk out on their tab a couple of times & expect me to be in a cheery f**king mood (I also feel like their professional complainers, or they mite just be a very miserable person. Another thing you neva see. Then at the end they will only tip me $0.75 on a $300 tab (where the f**k they do that at). Then I can do the same for a table of Caucasians & their; patient, polite, understanding, non-augmentative or judgemental. But the best part that white peeps wont do that black peeps will is: they don't need their checks split for over 8 diff peeps, (and better believe their not going to complain at all) tip me more than 10% of their tab  on top of not caring about the fact that their bill came with gratuity on it. JS!

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