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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chris Brown Performs On The Today Show, Shuts Down Interview Questions!

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     Say what you want about his Twitter rants or other online antics, Chris Brown shut it down this morning after he performed for "The Today Show" and packed the Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. Nearly every single person in the audience were on their phones either taking pictures or recording Chris as he sang “Fine China,” “Love More,” and “Beat It” from his forthcoming album X.

Afterward, he engaged in a brief interview with "Today Show" hosts Matt Lauer and Tamron Hall, but they couldn’t get any scoop out of him. The show hosts pressed him for info regarding his recent seizure, him saying he would be retiring soon, and his recent negative tweets, however, Chris stayed levelheaded and kept the focus on his music and nothing else.

Peep highlights and video of Chris performing below

On His Seizure

I’m good, I’m good, just needed the rest, that’s it.

On His Recent Negative Tweets

Chris: “Uh, that’s not my music.”

Matt: “What? That’s not the music. You’re struggling with two different worlds?”

Speaker over Lauer, Brown said something about: “…fans.”

Tamron: You’re lovin’ your fans? I’ve heard you’re leaving the business… Is that rumor or fact?

Chris: It’s about the music right now. I’ll continue to work for my fans.

Tamron: What’s in that heart now that’s pushing the music?

Chris: Just my God-given talent. And my fans, you know, all the fans make me who I am, so all the music is for them.

On if he’s really retiring
No, I’m just putting out the music right now.  I’m going to continue to work for my fans.

Also, when asked what he was about to perform, he fueled the rumors of his gang-affiliation when he said, “oh we gon’ turn up. Blood mode, let’s do it!”

Watch him perform below:

Interview + ‘Love More’

How come every time Chris Brown visits "The Today Show"he goes off or act like a jerk, but just like Chris says; he's a changed man & he really is. Because Chris could have thrown a chair again but he didn't. So that deserves some praise, I guess!

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