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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Meek Mill’s Ex Sends A Message To Women Who Deserve Better!

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The money and the fame doesn’t necessarily make life easier, especially if you’re a woman dating a rapper on the come up.

When Meek Mill dropped his debut album Dreams & Nightmares just a year ago, his relationship with his girlfriend and son’s mother Fahimah of course began to fall apart. Add on to the rumors that he was hanging out with Rihanna, as well as all of the groupies and side chicks coming out of the woodwork wanting a piece of his newfound fame, and it was inevitable that the two would split up.

Yesterday, Fahimah took to her Instagram to dish on why she had to let the relationship go, while asking how women allow themselves to accept being #1 or #2 to a man.
I walked away from a rich n—a bcuz I wasn’t satisfied with being #1. Cuz the side chicks and groupies was getting the same treatment as me! Everybody called me dumb and stupid for leaving even my friends and family but a year later I’m happy as ever and I got my self respect from HIM! But most ppl will stay and fake happiness bcuz they think they #1. #YeahIJusGaveYallALilBit lol

As a woman how could u accept yaself as #1 or #2 to a man! It’s no difference in who come first or who was there first bcuz the reality is u both getting played! N—as do the same stuff wit u as he doing with the next chick. What about being the only one? That’s called self respect! That’s why n—as do what they wana do now bcuz chicks are so content with being #1.

My $ents: Well 1st of all Fahimah is right to feel the way she feels & it shows that her love is true & that she def wasnt w/Meek just for the $$. 2ndly, what did she aspect once Meek got on? 3rdly, I don't believe in being in a relationship when your as young as Meek Mill because when you in your 20's thats when your suppose to be a whore, so when your older your all drained out & ready to settle down. (Def when your young, filthy rich & a MAN). But Fahimah of course deserves a good man that respects her (once again what did she aspect lol), but most of all Meek Mill should've had the balls to atleast dump her while being a whore (I atleast believe his BM deserves the truth from him, if nothing else).  But Meek should do his thang while he's still young & settle when he's really ready, but I just hate that a "down azz beech" like his BM wont come around to often. And hes going to wake up to realize that he may have fxxked up or you know what? He mite think that they made the right chose by breaking up. But 9 times outta ten the "grass aint always greener, on the other side" cause a beotch thats been there while you were broke & there while you were rich. Is the 1 woman you need to keep, because its nothing but groupies thats gold diggers, duh! But fellas F.Y.I if you are goin to "play the field", remember that you cant treat the "side whores" like the main beotch that you love & stop being so damn sloppy!


MMeek Mill & Fahimah
Meek Mill's Ex & Son Meek Mill's Son
Such a cute kid!

Fahdy 2

Fahdy 3

Meek Mill's ex-girlfriend, Fahimah explained why she decided to leave him. It turns out that she couldn't allow herself to stay because Meek treated his side pieces the same way he'd treat her.

Meek Mill's Ex Sends Message to Women
Meek Mill's Ex Sends Message to Women 1

Do you think she's right about turning down the role of being #1 to a man??
Would you have left?
Would you perfer to live life "Rich & Unhappy" in a relationship, or "Broke & Happy"?
Will Meek Mill BM, Fahimah regret this or do you think Meek Mill will eventually be crawling back once he realize what he had, once it was gone? 

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