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Sunday, October 13, 2013

R.I.P, SO SAD: Adrian Peterson Met Son For The First Time While Child Was On Life Support!


It’s been a whirlwind month for NFL star Adrian Peterson, who first learned he had a second baby after a South Dakota woman took a DNA test, and weeks later, the child was brutally beaten by the child’s mother’s boyfriend.  According to reports, Adrian met the child for the first time on Thursday while the little boy was on life support.
Adrian Peterson only recently learned he was the father of a 2-year-old boy in South Dakota … and met him for the first time Thursday … while the boy was on life support, TMZ has learned.
Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us … roughly 2-3 months ago, the mother of the child had a paternity test done with an ex she suspected to be the father, in an effort to collect child support from him.
But the test turned up negative, so the woman went to Adrian … with whom she had a sexual encounter several years ago.
We’re told … when Adrian was first informed about the matter, he didn’t question the possibility he was the dad — but rather asked how he could help the situation.
Sources tell us … a few weeks ago, A.P. started to plan a trip to South Dakota to meet the child for the first time and he was supposed to fly out later this month.
But when he heard the news about the attack on the 2-year-old, Peterson dropped everything and jetted over to Sioux Falls as soon as he could.
We’re told Adrian met the child for the first time while the boy was on life support.
Multiple sources tell us … Adrian has been very involved since the tragedy and was the one pushing the have the child’s organs donated to other people in need of a transplant.
As for the suspect, Joey Patterson, we’re told Adrian has never met the guy.
Such a sad story all around.


Adrian Peterson's son
The baby that passed away.

Sidebar: There was a photo of Adrian Peterson with a little boy that was originally published and made its rounds. That was his son Adrian Peterson, Jr. and not the child who passed away. His fiancée tweeted yesterday:
My son Adrian Peterson Jr. is alive & well! I wish ppl would not print false information.
Adrian Peterson and his son

The question now is, did Adrian get a DNA test or did he completely go by the child’s mother’s word and accept that the child was his?

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