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Wednesday, October 9, 2013



New York rapper Papoose's problems may be deeper than overnight rap foe Kendrick Lamar after claiming the entire entertainment industry has taken aim at him.
In the self-proclaimed "King of New York's" opinion, the industry has kept him from reaching mainstream success.
"I got a mixtape I've been working on called Blackballed, because that's what I am, I've been blackballed. I am the most feared MC, the industry is afraid of me, and that's the only reason why I'm not in the position that I deserve to be in, but I keep resurfacing because you cannot deny talent, you cannot stop destiny," Pap revealed in an interview. "So for me to always be in the headlines, in the worst and the best ways, every time they turn around, that's just the reaction that takes place when you try to stop destiny or control talent and hold somebody back. This is what happens. It has a way of reacting. They'll never be able to stop me or control what I do. But I am the most feared MC, and a lot of your favorite artists and execs--a lot of people hated on me, man. I've been hated on, and that's the only reason I'm not in the position I deserve to be in. So that's why that's the title of my new mixtape, Blackballed." (XXL Mag)
The Brooklyn rap veteran also said he is already putting in work toward a follow-up to this year's Nacirema Dream.
"I'm also working on my next album at the same time. I'm still working Nacirema Dream, it's doing well for an independent release; I released it on my own, it charted, and it did extremely well for an independent project. I'm focused, man. I won't let you down, never man." (XXL Mag)
Back in August, Pap went off on New York radio station Hot 97 when asked about dissing Kendrick Lamar on a "Control" remix.
"I'm just tired of this, all of the bias situations," Pap added. "That don't apply to the fans or the streets -- everything you do is bias. Any situation with Papoose, you got something negative to say. When it's something positive, you don't say nothing positive. Hold on, you, Miss Info, I see all of y'all. All of y'all be hating. I know what's going on out here. ... People love what I do, you can't change my fans. ... You out there with the weirdos, you ain't fooling with the real dudes that really do this." (Hot 97)
In 2011, the Big Apple emcee crowned himself the "King of New York."
"The reason I chose that title is because I am the king of New York," the Brooklyn MC said with confidence to Mixtape Daily. "It feels good to be the king of New York so I just wanted to celebrate myself being the king of New York, so I figured I'd make it a self-titled mixtape...It's just basically breaking down some of the reasons of why I'm the king of New York. The reaction was both-sided, but it was a little bit more to the good side. A lot of my supporters, a lot of my fans reached out. And a lot of my haters reached out who disagree that I'm the king and I just let them know that I intend on proving it." (MTV)

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