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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Somaya Reece Doesn't Miss LHHNY At All!

Somaya Reece had an interview with The Jasmine Brand and she told Jasmine that there isn't an ounce of her body that misses Love & Hip Hop NY. Somaya also said that we may see her return to reality TV soon, but she didn't name the network or show. 
"Do I? No. I don’t want to miss it, I don’t miss it, I don’t – I would say that I would – looking back at it now, I experienced it then, it would be a different for me now. This time looking back, bitches can’t take me. That is the truth. So you know, it would be different now.
"I’m a lot informed about the brand. But I’m not regretful, that’s the one thing that I really always say – like you can’t regret being given an opportunity – it’s up to you what you do with it. Because no matter how much they try to undermine me, no matter how much they try to – you know the girls made fun of me – it didn’t matter.
"I still kept it pushing and I never allowed anybody to undermine me so, I’m grateful for it. I’m good!" 
Now, the real question is if you miss Somaya?

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