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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marcus Polk Officially CHARGED With Domestic Assault After Allegedly Kicking His Girlfriend!

 photo MarcusTPaulkMarcusTPaulkOutNYCmfIYpWNU_YWl_zpse22ddd4f.jpg

Remember when Marcus T. Polk beat his girlfriend so severely she ended up in the hospital?  The former "Moesha" star has now been formally charged....
 Back in August, actor Marcus T. Polk was involved in a huge domestic violence squabble that ended up with his rapper girlfriend, Andi Roxx (pictured below), being kicked in the stomach and admitted to the hospital.

 photo article-2400601-1B6B433B000005DC-958_634x750_zps5e66b911.jpg

Reportedly, the fight night all started at a club in Beverly Hills called Confidential.  Andi alleges a verbal argument started because Marcus was on some "You're not paying enough attention to me" ish.  
Once they got home, Andi said the verbal fight escalated and Marcus punched her in the chin.  She admits she threw some punches herself and split his lip, but Marcus retaliated by kicking her in the stomach and telling her to pack her ish and get out.
Andi ended up in the hospital the following morning.
Now, Marcus has been charged with domestic violence and battery.  And he faces up to 4 years in prison.
Moesha's lil brother is a mess...

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